Top 30 Yoruba Names that start with “Oluwa” and Their Meanings

Top Yoruba Names starting with Oluwa and Their Meanings

So, you have gotten married. You and your spouse have just had a child. What next? Naming, right? That’s quite right. This is given a lot of importance, especially in the Yoruba culture. Even before the birth of a child, family members from far and near already give names to the child. This may even become overwhelming to the parents of the child. Sometimes, they are put under some sort of pressure to pick the names given by everybody. Even friends sometimes drop their own opinions. Many times though, these do not really count. At the end of the day, you name your child what you want. Yoruba parents usually tend to name their children following certain unspoken rules.

There are some prefixes that are commonly seen in Yoruba names. Some of these are “Oluwa” (which translates to “Lord”) and “Ola” (which literally translates to “Wealth”). In this post, we will list the top Yoruba names that start with “Oluwa” as well as their various meanings.

So, without further ado, here goes.

Top Yoruba Names that start with “Oluwa” and their meanings

1. Oluwaseyifunmi

Meaning: The Lord has done this for me.

2. Oluwapelumi

Meaning: The Lord is with me.

3. Oluwabukunmi

Meaning: The Lord has blessed me.

4. Oluwatumininu

Meaning: The Lord has comforted me.

5. Oluwatosin

Meaning: The Lord is enough to be served/worshipped.

6. Oluwatodimu

Meaning: The Lord is enough to be held on to.

7. Oluwasegunfunmi

Meaning: The Lord has given me victory.

8. Oluwadarasimi

Meaning: The Lord is good to me.

9. Oluwatunmise

Meaning: The Lord has fixed me.

10. Oluwaseunfunmi

Meaning: The Lord has done something for me.

11. Oluwafikayomi

Meaning: The Lord has added to my joy.

12. Oluwademilade

Meaning: The Lord has crowned me.

13. Oluwatamilore

Meaning: The Lord has given me a gift.

14. Oluwaferanmi

Meaning: The Lord loves me.

15. Oluwafunmilayo

Meaning: The Lord has given me joy.

16. Oluwafunmilola

Meaning: The Lord has given me wealth.

17. Oluwadurotimi

Meaning: The Lord stands by me.

18. Oluwarantimi

Meaning: The Lord has remembered me.

19. Oluwadunmininu

Meaning: The Lord has gladdened my heart.

20. Oluwakanyinsola

Meaning: The Lord has added honey to wealth.

21. Oluwagbenga

Meaning: The Lord has lifted me.

22. Oluwasindara

Meaning: The Lord is still doing wonders.

23. Oluwarogbayimika

Meaning: The Lord has created a shield around me.

24. Oluwatimilehin

Meaning: The Lord is solidly behind me.

25. Oluwajuwon

Meaning: The Lord is bigger than them.

26. Oluwatobiloba

Meaning: The Lord is a big King.

27. Oluwatise

Meaning: The Lord has done it.

28. Oluwatomi

Meaning: The Lord is sufficient for me.

29. Oluwasijibomi

Meaning: The Lord’s covering is over me.

30. Oluwatoyin

Meaning: The Lord is worthy to be praised.

We hope you have found a few names that you can give to your children.

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