Top ten most visited websites in Nigeria

There are a countless number of websites in Nigeria and a lot those shares a common niche and similar interest. As a result, there is a lot of competition when it comes to ranking high on different search engines. The higher you rank on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), the more people visit your site. As difficult as it seems, some of these websites have managed to secure their place at the top thereby amassing a lot of traffic. These websites have harnessed the power of good quality content, keyword relevance, and speed to attract visitors to their site.

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1. Nairaland was established in 2005 by Seun Osewa. Fast forward to 2019, the website has become an online giant forum. has a community of 1 million members and 35 million page views. According to statistics, a visitor on Nairaland views at least five pages and spends seven minutes on each page.

2. Vanguard News

As a news website, Vanguard news has over 1.2 million daily page views. Vanguard media was started by Sam Amuka-Pemu and three of his friends who are all journalist in 1983. The website might have been introduced later but it has grown to become one of the most visited news websites in the country. In addition, the website currently has up to 700,000 likes on facebook.

3. The Punch (

Coming into the third spot is another popular news website. To begin with, The Punch news is regarded as one of the top trustworthy news outlets in the country. It has had a lot of readers even before its website was established. Also, the news outlet is not under government control just like Vanguard. Similarly, visitors on the website spend more than 8 minutes going through a news article.

4. Jumia

Jumia is an online shopping mall where you can buy basically anything from electronics, gadgets, etc. It is currently regarded as the number one website for e-commerce in Nigeria. The website as an average click of 5.8 pages daily with a lot of traffic.

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5. Guaranty Trust Bank Website

This may come as a surprise but Guaranty Trust Bank Website is one of the most visited websites in Nigeria. The website records an average of 6.9 daily page views per visitor with each visitor spending more than 9 minutes on the website.

6. Linda Ikeji

Am sure a lot of us were expecting this. Linda Ikeji Blog is Nigeria number one online website for sharing news, entertainment, gossips, and other high trending events. The website generates a lot of traffic with 80% of it coming from Nigeria. In addition, the blog is ranked 2525 globally.

7. Naijaloaded

NaijaLoaded is another online community forum created by Makinde Azeez in October 2009. It started off as a forum for Nigerians but eventually became a blog with visitors followers all over Africa

8. Google is the localized version of the Google search engine. It displayed on a high ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)

9. Information Nigeria

Information Nigeria has been able to gather a lot of followers and traffic within a short period. Information Nigeria has 1 million followers on Facebook and 77 thousand followers on Twitter. Visitors on the site spend more than 8 minutes going through different articles with an average of 6.9 page views per visit.

10. Bet9ja

Bet9ja is one of the top leading betting companies in Nigeria. Thanks to its website all you need to do is to go online and place your bets.

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