Top ten most popular car brands in Nigeria

It is hard to find someone who owns a car or planning on owning a car. A car has become a basic amenity. For the most part, it is comfy and it makes life easier. There are different brands of cars in circulation and new ones are being introduced into the market. So, if you are planning on buying your first car or trying to upgrade into a better one, here is a list of top ten car brand in Nigeria.

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The Toyota brand is the leading Japanese car manufacturer in Nigeria as a country. In fact, if ten cars were to the past in front of you at least five of them will be Toyota. Toyota has different cars for people from different classes. The Camry brand is the most common and most used.


A Japanese brand and a rival to the Toyota brand. Some people prefer Honda to Toyota because of the interior design which is definitely one of a kind. Also, it minimizes fuel, it is easy to maintain and has high resale value


Founded by Karl Benz, this luxurious German machine is well-known for its balance, speed, and durability. Don’t let the recent event of yahoo boys discourage you from getting this car. The car may be expensive to buy and maintain but once you get it, then, your status has been upgraded to a top class.


This car brand is a product of a South-Korean company and is one car brand that pays careful attention to making its cars environment-friendly. This car has not been in Nigeria for a long time, it has however become a very successful brand in the Nigerian Market. Also, if you are planning on keeping the environment free from pollution, this is probably the best car for you. Generally, it is widely used because it is very affordable and highly efficient at conserving fuel. Some of its most famous brands are the Picanto and Sorrento.


It is the fourth most used car brand in Nigeria just behind Toyota, Honda, and Kia. It is an Asian product that is very stylish car and well-known for keeping up with the trend. If you want to drive a brand that always keeps up with the trend in technology, then the Hyundai car is the one for you. Hyundai’s level of success in Nigeria keeps it in the fourth place on this list. Also, the car comes in different shapes and sizes that may seem unbelievable to its users.

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This is a brand that is known by almost every Nigerian. It is cheap and relatively easy to maintain. Some of its most popular models are Sunny, Primera, Altima, Murano, and Pathfinder.

Range Rover

The Land-rover is the oldest Sports Utility brand. The Range Rover model is widely used by politicians, celebrities and security forces. Lastly, this car brand may be expensive but it is definitely worth it


BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, which when translated to English means Bavarian Motor Works. This car is regarded as a perfect German machine just like the Mercedes Benz because of its durability, speed, and power. It is a luxury vehicle built for the élite class. It is not a car for the average Nigerian because of the cost of purchasing it and the high cost of maintenance.


One of the best-known luxury SUVs is the Lexus RX350 which comprises different outstanding features. In addition to its good looks, it is highly durable and comfy.


The Volkswagen is one of the most durable vehicles and it was Founded on the 28 of May 1937 to help deal with the problem of bad roads in Nigeria. the beetle model was first introduced in Nigeria before other models came along,

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