Top 5 Online Business Ideas In Nigeria In 2018

Top 5 Online Business Ideas In Nigeria

There is a very wide array of online business ideas in Nigeria in 2018, but this post is limited to the top five.

The online market is a very vast market, taking into account the number of people with internet access today. Even Nigerians who complain about data prices spend a lot of time online every day.

However, just like offline businesses, online businesses require time to grow. This is referring to legitimate online businesses that you own, not Ponzi schemes. Of course, Ponzi schemes mainly promise quick cash, but they do not last.

A legitimate online business also requires discipline. This is because it is easy to get discouraged, especially in Nigeria. So, if you are thinking of online business ideas in Nigeria, be ready to face the challenges. In order to succeed, you must follow these 10 business success tips.

Top 5 Online Business Ideas In Nigeria

Note that the income from online businesses cannot be quantified in general numbers. This is because it varies, depending on what exactly you are doing.

Without wasting time, here is a list of the top 5 online business ideas in Nigeria in 2018. Note that this list follows no particular order.

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Top 5 Online Businesses To Start In Nigeria Today

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves selling other people’s (or companies’) products or services, and getting paid commissions. An affiliate marketer needs no physical product to make money.

You may have been thinking that affiliate marketing is one of the hardest online businesses to start in Nigeria. On the contrary, it is very easy to start.

The reason why many people think it is hard is that they believe you need a website. No, you do not need a website to start affiliate marketing. Your social media handles can do the trick.

What You Need To Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

  • A computer or smartphone.
  • Internet access.
  • A bank account.

All you have to do is, register as an affiliate marketer with any of the companies, sell their products, and get paid. It is as simple as that.

You are given links. When people make purchases via your links, the company pays you a commission.

Companies that allow you to register as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria include Jumia and Konga.

2. Instagram Influencing

You can make money online in Nigeria simply by opening an Instagram account. Fun, right? This is one of the online business ideas in Nigeria that is just beginning to gain ground.

Instagram is a photo- and video-sharing tool that has become a huge business tool. Originally, Instagram was meant for users to share photos from their daily activities with friends. However, many people have tapped into the opportunities that abound.

In order to make Instagram a business tool, you have to build a solid and loyal following. It does not really matter what exactly you offer. Just make sure you have lots of followers who engage with your posts well.

To become an Instagram influencer, you have to understand the way Instagram works. By sharing photos and videos of the things you do, you can get people to follow you.

You may be a musician, a comedian, a fashion designer or an over-the-air personality. It does not matter. As long as people like your posts and follow you, you are starting to have a business.

Now, this growing followership is what you tap into to make money. Note that this does not work if most of your followers are bots. It only works when you have real followers who actually like and engage with your posts.

What You Need To Start Instagram Influencing In Nigeria

  • A computer or smartphone.
  • Internet access.
  • An Instagram account with a large following.

Once you have a large following, you can start making money. This could be through advertisements or through sponsored posts. You could even market other people’s products (a form of affiliate marketing, sort of).

When people in fields related to your field see your success on the platform, they choose to advertise on your page. You simply charge whatever amount you like to run their advertisements. You may also create sponsored posts for companies.

The question now should be how to build a solid Instagram following. Keep visiting this website to learn how to do that.

3. Freelancing

The market of freelancing in Nigeria has not yet been fully tapped into. Even though it is one of the top online business ideas in Nigeria today, it is not very popular.

One of the reasons it is not popular is that many have been discouraged by Fiverr. Nigerians on Fiverr keep complaining that they are not getting gigs. Well, the truth is you can get gigs right here in Nigeria without Fiverr.

There are people in Nigeria who look for freelance writers every day. People look for freelance graphic designers and freelance video editors daily. There are people who look for freelance software developers and web designers every day. All you have to do is, search for them.

Searching for them is not that hard. I once got a freelancing job on Jiji. A quick search on Google will lead you in the right direction.

The caveat of freelancing is that you must have a skill. There must be a service that you can render. It may not be a technical service. Just let there be something you can do.

There are things that seem very easy to you, but hard to some people. That skill you see as “little” may open doors for you if you make the right contacts.

If your skill is creative writing, do comment specially below. I might get you some contacts.

What You Need To Start Freelancing In Nigeria

  • A computer or smartphone.
  • Internet access (to receive gigs and send finished jobs).
  • A skill you can sell.

Once you have all these in place, just do a proper research, and you will get people to pay you for your services.

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4. Online Coaching

This is similar to the offline coaching we see around. The only difference is that it is online.

It involves passing your knowledge to others at a price. For example, there are people who are vast in the business of mini-importation. They create online courses to coach interested people, and they get paid.

If there is a skill you are very good with, you can turn it to money by creating a course to teach it online.

The main advantage of it being online is that you have a wider audience. Another pro is that you do not have to go through the logistics of setting up physical venues every time.

If you create an online course, it can remain there for years. All it will require is a little maintenance here and there, and maybe some updates over time.

What You Need To Start Online Coaching In Nigeria

  • A computer or smartphone.
  • Internet access.
  • A skill you want to teach.

5. Blogging

Talk about online business ideas in Nigeria in 2018, and blogging is what jumps to the minds of many people. However, the market is also one of the most saturated. The good news is that, there is always a space for you.

When talking about blogging in Nigeria, names like Linda Ikeji, Azeez Makinde, and Seun Osewa come to mind. These people have made names for themselves in this market. Linda Ikeji owns Linda Ikeji’s Blog, Azeez Makinde owns Naijaloaded, and Seun Osewa owns Nairaland.

You can also be like these people, if you are ready to devote the time required. Blogging is not as easy as many online “gurus” paint it to be. In fact, it requires conscious effort to succeed.

Blogging involves starting a website, and posting for online users to see. Fashion blogs, news blogs, and entertainment blogs are some of the most popular in Nigeria today. The bad news is that, they are also the most saturated. A new blogger who goes into these markets may find it tough to succeed as the competition is high.

There are many other profitable blogging niches you can go into in Nigeria in 2018. Some of these niches are even evergreen – they remain popular for years upon years.

What You Need To Start Blogging In Nigeria

  • A computer or smartphone (computer is highly recommended).
  • Internet access.
  • Research tools (you cannot know everything about your niche).


You may have noticed that all these online business ideas in Nigeria today require internet access. Of course, this cannot be sidelined. That is why the businesses are “online” in the first place.

So, if you are looking to start any of them, make sure that your internet access is in place first.

Also, in order to succeed at any of these 5 online businesses, you have to follow these 10 business success tips. Without following the tips, your online business will likely fail. Those tips will help you make your business stand out among the competition.

Many people have started various online businesses, but stopped along the way. These 10 business success tips will teach you the steps to take to succeed. You do not have to be afraid to take the starting step. Your online business will succeed if you follow the right principles.

Are you into any of the above online businesses already? Let us know your experience in the Comments section below. If you are not, let us know the challenges stopping you.

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