Top 10 richest states in Nigeria

Top 10 richest states in Nigeria

Generally speaking, all the 36 states in Nigeria is contributing to the development of the country in one way or the other. While some have gone on to accumulate a huge amount of money, others can`t boast of the same. In fact, the state in our number one of is rich enough to stand alone as a country and it is not even an oil-producing state. Wondering what state that is? Well, take a look at the top 10 richest states in Nigeria.

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Lagos state

Am sure most of us were already thinking about this. Located in the southwest. Lagos state is the most developed states in the country and also the most populous. It is housing a population of 18 million people. The state generates internal revenue of N302 billion which is greater than that of 30 states combined.

Rivers state

Rivers state is one of the top oil producing states in Nigeria. In fact, the state accounts for over 60% of the country’s entire volume of crude oil. It is in the south-south geopolitical zone of the country and It’s internally generated revenue is about N85 billion per annum.

Delta state

Delta state is also one of the top oil-producing states in the country. In addition to its oil, the state also has other natural resources like silica, industrial clay, limestone etc. The state is blessed with a lot of eye-catching infrastructures which is a major attraction to people all over the world.

Oyo state

Oyo state definitely deserves to be on this list as a result of the state infrastructure and investment. Just like Lagos state, Oyo state does not depend on oil for its riches. The state depends on its Agricultural produce for its needs. Lastly, Oyo state generates N16.6 billion yearly.

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Imo state

As an oil-producing state, Imo state has a total of 162 oil wells in different locations around the state. Thus, there are different multinational oil companies in the state and some of them include Addax petroleum, Agip, and Chevron.

Kano state

Kano is a state located in the northern region of Nigeria and was formed in 1967. Second, only to Lagos state in terms of population, Kano State has a GDP of over $12 billion. In addition, The generated Internal revenue stands at N13.6 billion.

Edo state

Edo state is an ancient city located in the south-south region of the country. It is one of the oldest Kingdom in the country with a total landmass of 17, 082 square kilometers. The state has a per capita of $3.623 and $11.888 billion in overall GDP.

Akwa Ibom

Akwa Ibom State is located in the South-Southern region of Nigeria. Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom state is definitely a place you will want to be. The state is well developed with good infrastructures, state of the art facilities, tourist centers, and other side attractions. The state generates an annual IGR of N23 billion.

Ogun State

Ogun State is located in the South-western part of the country and it is one of the riches states in Nigeria. The state is currently on a three-year infrastructure development plan on urban redevelopment. Thanks to its agricultural sector, the state can of an internally generated revenue of N77 billion.

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