Top 10 most used car brands in Nigeria

Every year, new models of cars find their way into the Nigerian market, and people love them all. But still, there are some that truly stand out and have won a solid ground in the Nigerians’ heart. Here is a list of the top 10 most used car brands in Nigeria.

10. Range Rover Sports

This one easily tops the list and is one of the most dreamt of cars in Nigeria, partly because it is owned by many celebrities here. It is hard to say what a Range Rover has to offer to the status of the owner, but I heard that it make you look a bit “extra”, and thus it was the icon for many you Nigerians. Aside from its elegant and simple design, the social status that comes with it makes the car most desirable in the eyes of the Nigerians.

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9. Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna is the most popular minivan in Nigeria. It’s like the Camry of the minivan segment and is ideal for large families and also by transport companies. Similar to the Toyota Highlander, this is for the people who cannot afford a Sports Utility version.

8. Toyota Prado

Prado is favored mostly by top-ranking politicians and governors, especially the dark colored. It is very rugged and has a relatively high top speed. Maybe that is why Toyota Prado is also loved by the rich in Nigerians. Besides, it’s one of the most expensive cars of Toyota.

7. Lexus RX350

Lexus has been a great name in Nigeria, particularly the Lexus RX 350 model. Although it just slight differs from the RX330, its sales are much higher, partly due to its special design, even though the price tag is not really comfortable, around twelve million Naira.

6. Honda Pilot

The Pilot is probably the most luxurious SUV in Nigeria as of this moment. Started humbly, it has wormed its way into the Nigerian’s heart and mind.

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5. Toyota Highlander

This one is preferred by the middle-aged in Nigeria who likes SUV style but cannot afford a big one. If there’s an analogy for it, it’s similar to the Sports Utility version of the Toyota Camry. Having said that, a new Toyota Highlander still cost millions of Naira.

4. Ford Explorer

Even though the car consumes a lot of fuel, and its price is on the high side, Ford Explorer still made its way to the Nigerians heart. Partly because there’s plenty of room inside as well as its endurance and strength.

3. Honda Accord

This car is probably the only vehicle that can rival the Toyota Camry in the sense of its popularity. In fact, it is rated higher than the Camry but is less popular since the maintenance cost is higher. Honda Accord is seen being used by people from many social classes.

2. Toyota Camry


You certainly will meet at least one Toyota Camry on Nigerian roads. It is understandable since statistics show that its sales are the largest on the market now. Most people start with this car because it’s cheap and it provides just enough of everything for a typical car owner. Also, the maintenance of the car is easy and cheap as there are countless numbers of auto garages that offer service and spare parts for this car.

1. Toyota Corolla

You probably guessed it right. Standing right below the Toyota Camry and the Accord in the sales list, it’s like a similar to a Camry but cheaper. Corolla has great design and can satisfy the basic needs of anyone, little wonder you see almost everywhere in the country.

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