Top 10 Largest states in Nigeria by land mass

The 10 smallest states by landmass in Nigeria

I find this article quite interesting to write because as a Lagosian, I see a sense of entitlement and condescension among its inhabitants to people in other states. So how big really is your state (of origin and residence)? Let’s find out together. The position of Lagos is definitely shocking.

10. Kebbi State

At number 10 is Kebbi State. Founded in August 1991, the Land of Equity as it is nicknamed has 4 emirates council, 21 Local Government Areas (LGA), and 35 districts. Its total area is 36,800km2 (14,200 sq mi) and its capital is Birnin Kebbi.

9. Kwara State

The ninth largest state is Kwara State. It was created on May 1967, and it is commonly referred to as the Middle Belt. Its slogan is the State of Harmony and it has a total area of 36,825 km2 (14,218 sq mi).

8. Adamawa State

State and capital, Abia Umuahia, Adamawa Yola. Reciting that rhyme was my first time hearing of the state. Now that I’m older, I can say it is a very beautiful state, hence the nickname Land of Beauty. It has a total area of 36,917 km2 (14,254 sq mi). Did you know that the name of the state was coined from its founder, Modibo Adama, who founded the state?.

7. Zamfara State

The “Home of Agricultural Products” takes the 7th spot on the list. Its capital is Gusau and it was in October 1996. Zamfara was the first state in Nigeria to introduce Sharia law during the regime of Ahmad Sani Yerima, the former Governor of the state. Islam is the predominant religion in the state, although Christianity has many worshippers. It’s land mass is 39,762 km2 (15,352 sq mi).

6. Yobe State

Damaturu is the capital of Yobe State and Yobe by landmass is the sixth largest state in Nigeria. Dubbed the Young state because it is 27 years old. Also because it shares the same slogan as a popular transport company “The Young Shall Grow”. It has 17 LGAs and has an area of 45,502 km2(17,568 sq mi).

5. Bauchi State

Bauchi is the pearl of tourism, and rightly so because the state is blessed with sites like the Yankari National Park, Wikki Warm Springs, Tafawa Balewa’s Tomb to mention a few. It was formed in 1976 but became a distinct state in 1996. Bauchi has a land mass of 49,119 km2(18,965 sq mi).

4. Kaduna State

Kaduna’s slogan is The Center of Learning, which is weird for me because I always thought it was Ekiti. Oh well.
It is among the oldest states in Nigeria (created in 1967), has 23 LGAs and has an area of 46,053 km2(17,781 sq mi).

3. Taraba State

Taraba has the best (and funniest) Capital name to me; Jalingo. It just cracks me up. But do not be fooled, Taraba is the embodiment of agricultural beauty in Nigeria. Little wonder it is called Nature’s Gift to the Nation, the scenery is breathtaking. It was created in August 1991 and has a total area of 54,473 km2(21,032 sq mi).

2. Borno State

In second place is Borno State nicknamed the Home of Peace – what a sad irony. Created on the 3rd of February, 1976, it consists of 27 LGAs. Islam is the main religion with few clusters of Christianity, Sharia is valid in the entire state. It has a landmass of 57,799 km2(22,316 sq mi).

1. Niger State

The award of The Biggest State in Nigeria by Landmass goes to * drumroll * Niger State!. Home to the tranquil Gurara Falls, it was named after the River Niger – go figure. It is the location of the famous Kainji and Shiroro Dam, hence the nickname The Power State. It consists of 25 LGAs and has a landmass of a whooping 76,363 km2(29,484 sq mi).


A quick run through of the top 10 from the bottom:

  1. Kebbi State
  2. Kwara State
  3. Adamawa State
  4. Zamfara State
  5. Yobe State
  6. Bauchi State
  7. Kaduna State
  8. Taraba State
  9. Borno State
  10. Niger State


A gentle sub to the Lagosians that think the country revolves around them, think again. Think again.


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