“This Is Nigeria” Review: Was Falz Wrong To Use Ladies Dancing In Hijab? Here’s Vincent’s View.

“This Is Nigeria” Review: Was Falz Wrong To Use Ladies Dancing In Hijab? Here’s Vincent’s View.

“This Is Nigeria” Review: Was Falz Wrong To Use Ladies Dancing In Hijab? Here’s Vincent’s View.

Folarin Falana (popularly known as Falz) is an authority figure in Nigeria’s entertainment industry, and he keeps proving to be a force to reckon with. Just last month, the singer and actor released a parody to Childish Gambino’s This Is America. Falz called his video This Is Nigeria. Here is my view of the video.

The video was aimed at sensitising Nigerians to wake up from our slumber. It was directed at reminding us of the abnormal things that have become so ingrained into our society that they now seem normal.

Some of the points pointed out in the video are:

Fulani Herdsmen Killing In Nigeria

One of the important points that Falz featured in his video was how low we value life in Nigeria. Falz depicted this by simply walking over a person who has been killed like it was nothing. If one looks at this critically, it actually really happens. I mean, killings have become so frequent that we no longer see the big deal. I guess, for many of us, it is simply because we are not directly affected. Now, that is the problem; we have forgotten that we are a country.

About the killings, we keep reporting them as being perpetrated by Fulani herdsmen. But have you thought to think, maybe other people are already tapping into that idiosyncrasy to do the same, knowing that it would eventually be ‘credited’ to the Fulani herdsmen.

This may not be the case, but it is definitely a possibility.

“Everybody Be Criminal”

This statement is in pidgin, and it simply means that everyone is a criminal. Some people have taken to social media to castigate Falz for saying that all Nigerians are criminals.

In my own opinion, Falz was not exactly calling all Nigerians criminals. We need to understand how satires and other English language tools work. “Everybody Be Criminal” can point to the fact that a lot of people in the international community now see Nigerians as criminals. It can also point to the fact that many times, law enforcers see us as guilty until proven innocent.

Of course, not all Nigerians are criminals. But Falz was able to pass a subtle message with that line.

Thieving Politicians

Falz mentioned a salient point about thieving politicians not getting imprisoned. This is very true to a very large extent. I mean, if all thieving politicians get jailed, it is not likely that these same people ruling us would still be in power.

The way politicians embezzle in Nigeria is disturbing. But even more disturbing is the fact that we only hear about them in the news, and that’s all. These same thieving politicians keep ruling us over and over.

Police Station Closing By 6 P.M. For Security Reasons

This here is funny even while serious. The same people who are supposed to ensure the security of lives and property in the country are closing for security reasons.

Saying that this country is a joke may not be so wrong after all.

No Electricity

Falz mentioned this point right before talking about the people working multiple jobs. Watching that part, I was like “Even those whose multiple jobs require electricity still have to find alternative ways for themselves”.

Our governments keep promising us stable power supply but they always keep failing. The same epileptic power supply that was there when I was born is the same that there is today. The only difference is increased electricity bills. Funny how we have to pay more for the same thing, maybe even worse? You decide.

Pastor Pulling Demon Out By Touching Sensitive Parts

This has become a big issue in Christendom over the years. Fake pastors and prophets are now all over the place, doing all manner of reprehensible things. The sad part is that many unsuspecting people keep falling into their traps.

How can a pastor claim to have to touch sensitive parts of your body to pull a demon out? Don’t be gullible! Some things only require common sense.

Acting Like “Yahoo Yahoo” Is Cool

“Yahoo Yahoo” is simply a term used to describe internet fraud. It has become so rampant among youths in Nigeria that many more are still looking to go into it.

Let us be clear on this: “Yahoo Yahoo” is stealing! The perpetrators deceive unsuspecting people and steal from them. It’s just that they do the stealing online.

Now, people are beginning to act like “Yahoo Yahoo” is cool, acting like internet fraud is cool. I mean, when did moral decadence get to this level in Nigeria? How can a person speak against internet fraud, and some others come up against the person? This is Nigeria!

SARS Harassing People On Roads

Another serious issue that Falz mentioned in This Is Nigeria is the way members of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) harass people on Nigerian roads. Many times, to them, any young man in a nice ride is automatically a Yahoo boy (internet fraudster). Since when did it become a crime for a young man to have a nice ride? God help you if you happen to have some fresh beards in addition.

It’s true that sometimes, intuition helps to detect criminals. But when you keep harassing innocent people on the roads all the time, it starts to defeat the purpose.

Churches Setting Up Universities That Members Cannot Afford

I have heard this issue being raised among people many times. They say that Churches keep using the offerings and tithes received from members to build universities. At the end of the day, the school fees are so high that the same members cannot afford them.

While I cannot categorically say that I know the whole story with these Churches and the money they spend building universities, I believe that these universities are built to standard and the fees may have to be high.

However, how are you so sure that the Universities are actually built by members’ money and not money from other sources? Well, I’m just wondering.

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Now, The Main Issue Of Controversy…

Was Falz Wrong To Use Ladies Dancing In Hijab In The “This Is Nigeria” Video?

“This Is Nigeria” Review: Was Falz Wrong To Use Ladies Dancing In Hijab? Here’s Vincent’s View.

The fact that Falz decided to include ladies in hijab dancing in the video has sparked a lot of discussion online. To make it “worse” is the fact that they danced Shaku Shaku. Some people have expressed outrage, claiming that it was disrespectful of Falz to do that.

While I totally respect everyone’s religion and beliefs, I see no reason why anyone should get angry at a musician for using his art to pass a message. The use of those girls was simply art. Let’s not forget that he also painted the picture of a fake prophets wearing white garments.

When Falz was interviewed by Wazobia about that, he mentioned that those girls signified the Chibok girls that were abducted by Boko Haram years back. He said that the dancing was to show how the Nigerian government almost forgot about them, focusing on less important things. He also attributed it to the way many Nigerian youths get carried away by entertainment, forgetting about the disturbing issues at hand.


Of course, there is only so much each individual can do in solving the problems in Nigeria. But we are still supposed to play our parts.

The “This Is Nigeria” video is an eye-opener to the government and citizens of Nigeria. There is a lot to be done to take Nigeria to the level of success we desire. Apparently, the citizens are ready, considering their reactions to President Buhari signing the ‘Not Too Young To Run’ Bill barely a week ago.

What is your opinion about Falz’s “This Is Nigeria” video? Do you think it was disrespectful of him to show girls dancing in hijab? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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If you have not seen the video, here it is:

Author: Vincent Abolarin

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