The Six Geopolitical Zones in Nigeria and the States that make them up

Nigeria, a country with over 200 million citizens has six (6) geopolitical zones. The six geopolitical zones of Nigeria is a major division in modern Nigeria, created during the regime of president General Sani Abacha. Nigerian economic, political and educational resources are often shared across the zones. The six zones were not entirely carved out based on geographic location, but rather states with similar ethnic groups, and/or common political history was classified in the same zone.

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Nigeria is made up of about 400 ethnic groups and 450 languages. There was a need for the government to merge similar groups for effective allocation of resources.


  • North Central (otherwise known as Middle Belt):
    • Benue
    • Kogi
    • Kwara
    • Nasarawa
    • Niger
    • Plateau
    • Federal Capital Territory
  • North East:
    • Adamawa
    • Bauchi
    • Borno
    • Gombe
    • Taraba
    • Yobe
  • North West:
    • Jigawa
    • Kaduna
    • Kano
    • Katsina
    • Kebbi
    • Sokoto
    • Zamfara
  • South East:
    • Abia
    • Anambra
    • Ebonyi
    • Enugu
    • Imo
  • South-South:
    • Akwa Ibom
    • Bayelsa
    • Cross River
    • Rivers
    • Delta
    • Edo
  • South West:
    • Ekiti
    • Lagos
    • Ogun
    • Ondo
    • Osun
    • Oyo

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