The Nigerian Police Force: Ranks and Salary Structure

The Nigeria Police Force

On my way to work this morning, I saw two policemen stopping buses and “searching them”. As my bus got closer to where they were, I saw them asking the cars for “something”. I was curious as to how they feel entitled to getting stipends from commuters, so I decided to read up on the ranks and salary structure of the Nigerian Police Force.

I discovered that The Nigeria Police has a lot of ranks and the remuneration is only good at the top. Suddenly, I no longer detest their act. If you know what many of them make monthly, you will also look at them differently. Well, you are about to know, so be prepared to start seeing them in a different light.

1. Recruit

A Police recruit is a person who is undergoing training to become a member of the Police Force.

Monthly Salary – N 9,019.42

Annual Salary – N 108,233

2. Constable Grade Level 03

A Police Constable is a newly employed policeman. It is the lowest rank in Nigeria Police.

Monthly Salary – N 43, 293.80

Annual Salary -N 519,525.6

3. Corporal On Grade 04

This is a lower rank in the police force, it comes after constable. This rank is abbreviated as Cpl.

Monthly Salary-N 44,715.53

Annual Salary-N 536,586.36

4. Sergeant On Grade 05 

Sergeant is the middle rank of a non-commissioned Officer. A Police Sergeant is below the rank of a Sergeant Major.

Monthly Salary- N 48,540.88

Annual Salary- N 582,490.56

5. Sergeant Major On Grade 06

Sergeant Major is the highest rank of non-commissioned Officers. A Sergeant Major assists the Administrative Officer of a particular regiment.

Monthly Salary- N 55,144.81

Annual Salary – N 661,737.72

6. Cadet Inspector On Grade Level 07 

A Cadet Inspector is the lowest rank held by a police officer after undergoing a training of service as a commissioned Officer. It is commonly known as Inspector of Police (IP).

Monthly Salary – N 73,231.51

Annual Salary – N 878,778.12

7. Assistant Superintendent Of Police (ASP) On Grade 08

It is the second lowest commissioned Officer rank. It is above Inspector and below Deputy Superintendent.

Monthly Salary-N 127,604.68

Annual Salary – N 1,531,256.16

8. Deputy Superintendent Of Police (DSP) On Grade 10

A Deputy Superintendent is a senior Officer rank higher than Assistant Superintendent.

Monthly Salary -N 148,733.29

Annual Salary -N 1,784,799.48

9. Superintendent Of Police (SP) On Grade 11

The rank of a Nigeria Superintendent is between Chief Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent of Police.

Monthly Salary -N 161,478.29

Annual Salary -N 1,937,739.48

10. Chief Of Superintendent Of Police (CSP) On Grade 12

This is a senior rank in police force. It is higher than the Superintendent.

Monthly Salary -N 172,089.06

Annual Salary -N 2,065,068.72

11. Assistant Commissioner Of Police (ACP) On Grade 13

Assistant Commissioner of Police is the sixth highest rank in the Nigeria Police senior Officers rank. It is above Chief Superintendent and below Deputy Commissioner.

Monthly Salary-N 183,185.73

Annual Salary -N 2,198,228.76

12. Deputy Commissioner Of Police (DCP) On Grade 14

This rank is between the Assistant Commissioner and the Commissioner. The Deputy Commissioner takes over the command in the absence of the State Commissioner. He supervises the Assistance Commissioner of police in their day-to-day running.

Monthly Salary-N 242,715.65

Annual Salary-N 2,912,587.8

13. Commissioner Of Police (CP) On Grade 15

The Commissioner of Police is in charge of the contingent in a State. He is the number one policeman in the State. He is subject to the command of the Inspector General.

Monthly Salary -N 266,777.79

Annual Salary -N 3,201,333.48

14. Assistant Inspector General Of Police (AIG) On Grade 16

The Assistant Inspector General is the Second in Command of the Nigeria Police Force.

Monthly Salary -N 499,751.87

Annual Salary -N 5,997,022.44

15. The Inspector General Of Police (IGP)

The rank of the Inspector General is the highest rank in the Nigeria Police Force. The Inspector General is the most senior Officer and the head of the Police Force in Nigeria.

Monthly Salary – N 711,498

Annual Salary – N 8,537,976

I am sure after reading through, you will feel the pity and sadness I now have for them. The people we entrust the safety of our lives and properties to, paid peanuts. It is really sad.

If this information changes at anytime, we will be sure to update this post as soon as we get the new information.

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