The Nigeria Customs Service: Ranks and Salary Structure

Since the beginning of the war against Boko Haram, security operatives in Nigeria have done their best to protect both citizens and properties. The Nigeria military may be at the forefront of the war but they are not the only one fighting the war. Efforts from the Paramilitary forces have also helped in curbing the spread of the violence. The Nigeria Customs Service is one of the Nigeria paramilitary forces. So in this post, we will be talking about the ranks and salary structures of these noble men and women.

Functions of the Nigeria Customs Service

Nigeria Customs Service is an independent agency set by the Nigeria government under the supervisory of the Nigerian Ministry of Finance. The body is responsible for collecting the customs revenue and anti-smuggling efforts. Generally, the Nigeria Customs Service has fulfilled many of its statutory objectives which involve speedy delivery of goods and services. Likewise, they maintain effective control of checkmating the necessary demands of the ever-growing international trade.

However, some of the major roles and functions of the NCS include:

  • Collection and Accounting of Revenue (Import /Excise Duties & other Taxes /Levies)
  • Anti-Smuggling activities
  • Security functions
  • Generating statistics for planning and Budgetary purposes
  • Monitoring Foreign Exchange utilization
  • Engaging in Research, Planning, and Enforcement of Fiscal Policies of Government
  • Processing of manifest
  • Licensing and registration of Customs Agents
  • Registration and designation of collecting banks; and
  • Working in collaboration with other government agencies in all approved ports and border station


Here is a list of Nigeria custom ranks from highest to lowest (senior officers):

  • Comptroller-General
  • Deputy Comptroller-Generals
  • Assistant Comptroller-Generals
  • Comptrollers
  • Assistant-Comptroller-General (ACG)

Similar to the Nigeria immigration service, the new salary structure for Para-military personnel is known as the Consolidated Para-military Salary Structure (CONPASS). Hence, there is an increase in the basic salary and allowances for Nigerian customs officers and all other Para-military organizations. According to this new salary structure, the highest salary is received by the Controller-General of Customs, the second highest goes to the Deputy Controller Generals. Then,  the Assistant Controller Generals is the next line before all other officials, in that order. The least paid customs officer is the Inspector who earns N27, 779 monthly and is entitled to an extra N4,000 monthly if the individual is not provided with accommodation. Each officer salary is a function of their rank and level of education. A customs officer earns N75,000 on average as monthly salary and about N900,000 per annum. The highest ranking officer in the NCS is the Comptroller-General while the Deputy Comptrollers-Generals are next in line.

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Some members of the Nigeria Customs Service are entitled to some allowances. While some of these allowances go to every personnel, some are meant for some staff due to their duties and ranks. For example, rent allowances are available to Officers that are provided with accommodation by the Nigerian Government.

Allowances enjoyed by Personnel of the Nigeria Customs Service

  • Utility allowance
  • Hazard allowance
  • House maintenance allowance
  • Uniform maintenance allowance
  • General Services allowance
  • Torchlight allowance
  • Detective allowance.
  • Hardiness allowance
  • Plain-Cloth allowance
  • Furniture allowance
  • Personal Servant



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