The most beautiful mosques in Nigeria

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Forget all the extremists and naysayers, Islam is a very peaceful religion. Watching true Muslims pray and live is very therapeutic as they do it with so much peace and grace. The best place to witness this amazing sight and feeling is in a mosque.

Be it on Fridays or Ramadan season, a mosque is always packed with faithful followers all for one cause; true worship. You really get to take in the beauty of the sanctuary when you are inside, mosques indeed are special. Also known as a masjid in Arabic, a mosque is a place of prayer and worship for a Muslim. In addition, they can also serve as a beautiful historical site, community centers, and social places for hosting an event like Ramadan.

According to history, most mosques in Nigeria and the world, in general, were not always as beautiful as we see them today. In fact, the first mosque that was ever built in Nigeria was made of mud. Aside from being a religion, Islam has influenced architectural design in many parts of the country. Beautiful mosques can be found all around Nigeria. That being said, here is a list of some beautiful mosques in Nigeria.

National Mosque Abuja

Abuja Mosque Islam mosque Jumat Ramadan
National Mosque Abuja

It is also known as the Nigerian national mosque. The mosque was built in 1984 and it is open to the non-Muslim public except during congregational prayers.

Ilorin central Mosque

Abuja Mosque Islam mosque Jumat Ramadan
Ilorin Central Mosque

In Ilorin, Kwara state capital is a new ultra-modern Jumat central mosque. With a capacity of 20,000 people, there is no doubt that this has become a tourist’s attraction center in the country.

Lagos Central Mosque

Abuja Mosque Islam mosque Jumat Ramadan
Lagos central Mosque

This architectural edifice in central Lagos used to be the national Mosque until the capital city was moved to Abuja. The Lagos central Mosque used to be the national Mosque until it was moved to Abuja as well as the capital city.

Bashir Uthman Tofa Mosque in Gandun Albasa, Kano

Mosque Islam mosque Jumat Ramadan
Bashir Uthman Tofa Mosque, Kano

The architecture of this mosque is majestically glamorous. It was built by Alhaji Tofa. He was the National Republican Convention (NRC) candidate in the annulled Nigeria’s June 12, 1993, presidential election.

Emir of Kano Mosque

Abuja Mosque Islam mosque Jumat Ramadan
Emir of Kano Mosque

The great mosque of Kano was shifted to a new site in 1952 by Muhammed Zaki. It was rebuilt again due to desolation sometime between 1855 and 1883 by Sarkin Kano Abdullahi dan Dabo. After its destruction in the 50s, the British Government sponsored the building of a new mosque in the gratitude of the role Nigeria played during WW2.


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