The 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

The 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

This post lists the 10 most beautiful cities in Nigeria. Even though some ‘outsiders’ see Nigeria as a poverty-infested nation with nothing to show but ugliness, this post is about to change your orientation. In fact, after reading through this post, you will develop an interest to visit these beautiful cities in Nigeria. Even if you are not in Nigeria, I think you will like to visit sometime soon.

10. Warri, Delta State.

The 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

This may seem out of place, considering the fact that Warri is not even the capital of Delta State, but the truth is, this city has more buzz than Asaba, the capital. With good road networks and a pretty organised setting, Warri is a beautiful city to behold.

However, a little worry about this city is the crime rate, especially at nights. Warri may become dangerous for visitors especially. But it is still a beautiful city anyway.

9. Kaduna, Kaduna State.

The 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Kaduna city is the capital of the same-named State. This city is beautiful in its own way. There are people who have been posted to serve in Kaduna and came back with news of how beautiful it actually is.

Take a moment to forget about the news of insecurity in Kaduna. The people of Kaduna still live a normal day-to-day life. You should visit sometime and enjoy the beauty of Northern Nigeria.

8. Akure, Ondo State.

The 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Ondo State is one of the States in Nigeria that have given nature an opportunity to thrive. The State capital, Akure, is indeed a natural beauty to behold. With trees and water in abundance, this city houses a number of natural attractions.

It is of note that Ondo State is one of the carved-out States in Nigeria, but that has not stopped the State from developing itself towards beauty.

7. Calabar, Cross River State.

The 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Many Nigerians, especially those from Cross River State, tout about Calabar being the most beautiful city in Nigeria. Truly, the city is a beauty, and it falls in Number 7 of our list.

Calabar has a beautiful landscape, and boasts of organisation in development. This beautiful city prides itself in housing a number of exquisite hotels and resorts.

6. Owerri, Imo State.

The 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Owerri is a beautiful city in the South-Eastern region of Nigeria. Being the capital of Imo State, this city is well laid out, and houses structures that accentuate the already-beautiful natural elements present.

The Oguta Lake, Ada Palm Plantation, and Mbari Cultural and Art Centre, are among the tourist attractions found in this beautiful city.

5. Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

The 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

If you have been in – or heard of – Port Harcourt, you will agree that it is indeed a beautiful city with an amazing night life. This city, sometimes called the Garden City, is one of the richest places in Nigeria.

Even though security used to be a very serious issue in Port Harcourt, it has greatly improved. If you have not visited this city, you should do so sometime.

4. Enugu, Enugu State.

The 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Enugu is another city which bears the same name as the State in which it is located. This city is beautiful, and is constantly enjoying new developments. It is apparently the most developed city in Enugu State.

Enugu city enjoys an amazing landscape and beautiful structures, making it attractive to behold.

3. Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State.

The 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Uyo and Calabar residents never seem to agree with one another on which of the cities is more beautiful. However, according to our findings, Uyo takes the crown between them.

Uyo is well planned out with beautiful road networks that reportedly have no potholes. With solar street lighting system on the roads, the city looks beautiful at night. It also now houses a multi-billion Naira ultra-modern stadium of international standard where Nigeria played a football match against Spanish League Atletico Madrid in May, 2018.

2. Lagos, Lagos State.

The 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

While it is true that Lagos is not actually a city, it is so small a State that almost all the cities are actually connected by infrastructure. Lagos is one of the most developed places in Nigeria, and has a wide array of business opportunities.

Having a blend between the hectic life and the serene life, Lagos houses both ghettos and high-class urban areas. These places are connected by beautiful road networks that provide an almost seamless blend between them.

1. Abuja, Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

The 10 Most Beautiful States In Nigeria

it would be absolute nonsense if Abuja is missing from this list. This city, which is the capital of Nigeria, is the most pre-planned city in the country. There is a master plan that is being followed to develop it. With the plan in place, the city is being developed to keep being the most beautiful city in Nigeria.

Abuja houses a number of high-class hotels and international shopping centres. The road network in the city is superb and world-class, beautifully connecting various areas in the city. This is one place you have to visit in Nigeria for its beauty.

Do you think there is a city that is missing from this list, or a city that should not be on the list? Do let us know in the Comment Section below.

Author: Vincent Abolarin

Vincent is a Nigerian blogger with special interest in the history and current happenings in the country. When he is not blogging, he enjoys reading and playing computer games.

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