Sydney Egere (AKA Sydney Talker): Biography And Career

Sydney Talker Biography And Career

He is a Nigerian Instagram comedian, actor, and MC. He is famously known for his funny and hilarious Instagram videos. He is best known for his many funny facial expressions. This post is about Sydney Talker’s biography and career.

Online comedy has become an easier and profitable way of amassing popularity on social media. However, as easy as this sounds, it is not a small task to accomplish.

Without further ado, let us take you through the journey of Sydney Talker’s Biography and how he came to be a popular comedian.

Sydney Talker Biography And Career

Sydney Talker’s Date of Birth and Education

Sydney Talker was born in the year 1995. His real name is Sydney Egere. He hails from Edo State but was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts degree from the University of Benin. His parents are separated, so he was raised by different people, mostly his mother. According to Sydney, he often gets inspiration for his skits from the happenings around him and often tries to make videos that everyone can relate with.

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Sydney grew up watching a lot of cartoons and reading comics. And these inspired him to choose a career path in comedy. He began to do skits after Secondary School and ever since then it has been a success.

Sydney Talker’s Comedy

Sydney revealed that he wanted to do something unique and something that can be known as his own brand. So, he watched a lot of Nigerian and Foreign skits and ended up settling for a brand that circles around his facial expressions.

Sydney Talker posted his first comedy skit on Instagram in 2016 and it ended up accumulating over 10,000 video views. At the time, he had about 2,000 followers. But as time went on, his videos began to go viral and the number of followers he had rapidly increased.

This Instagram comedian makes his videos out of inspirations he gets from conversing with people and from the music he listens to.

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