Social Media Handles of Nigerian Mobile Networks

The Nigerian Telecom industry is regarded as the fastest growing Telecom industry in the world. In fact, Nigeria has about 173 million subscribers and a penetration rate of 123% making it Africa’s largest mobile market. Hence, it has provided a lot of job opportunities for Africa`s largest population. However, it has gone through a lot of evolutionary processes before it became what it is today.

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The number of subscribers has risen from a million to 100 million in total. The first recognized network provider in the country was Econet and it was launched. MTN was launched and it became the only competition for Econet. As at that time, the cost of getting an MTN sim card was extremely high. Just imagine getting a sim card for $100, sounds outrageous right? However, being expensive never stopped people from buying it. The introduction of other Mobile Communication Network providers led to a change in the telecommunication industry. We might have had a lot them before, but the major functioning ones are just four in numbers. They include

  • Airtel
  • Glo mobile
  • 9moblie
  • MTN

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There is fierce competition among these giants telecommunication mobile network providers. However, they have all managed to survive. With about 173 million subscribers in total, it can be extremely difficult attending to all their customers, especially in terms of complaints and inquiries. Fine, they all have different customer care lines but this may not be 100% effective. Sometimes, you can dial the customers care lines and wait for minutes before it gets picked up by one of their agents. Thanks to the advent of social media there are ways you can reach out to them without dialing their customer care line. This is through their social media handles. Each mobile network provider has its own social media handles which are used to effectively interact with their customers. Below is a list of the Twitter handle of each mobile network providers.

  • MTN                         @MTN180
  • Glo Nigeria               @Gloworld
  • 9MobleNg                @9mobileng
  • Airtel Nigeria            @AirtelNigeria

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