Salary structure of Central Bank of Nigeria (2019)

As we all know banking is one of the most Lucrative an exceptional job in Nigeria today, this has made it a choice career for most Nigerians. The huge demand for its course in Schools keeps increasing on a daily business. The Central Bank of Nigeria provides space for the activities of other banks and regulate their affairs.

It is the dream of most graduates to work in a bank due to the kind of salary they pay their staff. Central Bank of Nigeria is no exception as their entry-level basic salary is fair compared to what other top companies in Nigeria pay their workers. Wondering how much the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), pays their staffs monthly? Here is a post which is set to give you the complete salary scale of the apex bank in Nigeria.

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Graduate Trainee

When you first get employed by a bank, it is compulsory for you to undergo training. You will undergo some months training which will introduce you to the system of the bank. As a trainee, Central Bank of Nigeria will pay you N43,000 every month, while the training lasts.

Entry Level

After completing the training meant to introduce you to the banking system, you will assume the rank of entry-level staff. The Central Bank pays its entry-level staff a monthly salary of N122,000 per month. This is an equivalent of N1,464,000 per year.

Loan Officer

One of the ranks a staff can be promoted to is the loan officer rank. With the right qualification, a staff of the Central Bank of Nigeria can be made a loan officer. Loan officers at the Central Bank are paid a monthly salary of N573,000 per month.

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Credit Analyst

Another rank that is usually occupied by staffs, is the credit analyst rank. Credit analysts get paid a lot of money. The Central Bank pays its credit analyst N647,000 per month. This salary amounts to N7,764,000 per year.

Branch Manager

Working as a branch manager for the Central Bank is quite difficult to come across, as there are not many Central Bank branches. If you, however, become a branch manager at the Central Bank, you will be paid N732,000 per month. The salary gives a total of N8,784,000 per year.

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