Nigeria Navy: Ranks and Salary structure

Nigeria Navy: Rank and Salary structure

The Nigerian Navy is part of the Nigeria armed forces with remaining two being the Nigerian Airforce and the Nigerian Army. Their sole purpose is to guard and protect the Nigeria Sea from external and internal threats. Similar to the Nigeria Immigration and Nigeria custom service, Nigerian naval officers are paid with respect to their ranks.

Naval officers are grouped and ranked under two categories:

  • Non-commissioned officers are members of the Navy who do not have a degree from a higher institution to enlist in the Nigerian Navy. Also, they are involved only in the physical aspect and coördination of military strategies.
  • There are six ranks for non-commissioned officers:
  • Warrant Chief Petty Officer
  • Chief Petty Officer
  • Petty Officer
  • Leading Rating
  • Able Rating
  • Ordinary Rating
  • Trainee

The salary of the above is hard to find online so much will not be said about them.

Commissioned officers are naval officers who joined the Nigerian Navy as higher institution degree holders. Their training includes the decision-making and leadership aspects of the Nigerian Navy. They are superior in rank to non-commissioned officers and they also earn more.

Admiral of the Fleet

He might be also called grand admiral and it is the highest rank of a naval officer. It is rarely conferred, as it is more of an honorary position. Also, It is equal to the rank of Marshal of the Nigerian Air Force in the Nigerian Air Force and to the rank of Field Marshal in the Nigerian Army. He earns ₦16,303,140 yearly.


It is usually connected with the Chief of Naval Staff. This may be called the highest rank as any rank above this more of an honorary type. The rank is above that of vice-admiral and below Admiral of the fleet. Likewise, It is equal to the rank of General in the Nigerian Army and that of Air Chief Marshal in the Nigeria Air Force.


It is senior commissioned naval flag-officer rank and it is the same as a lieutenant-general. The rank is equal to Lieutenant General in the Nigerian Army and Air Vice Marshal in the Nigerian Air Force. It is above the rank of rear-admiral and below the rank of Admiral. Also, officers at this rank are also called 3-star officers and they earn ₦13,363,229 yearly.

Rear Admiral

He is a commissioned officer and the rank below that of a Vice admiral and above that of a Commodore. They are otherwise referred to as 2-star officers. Rear admirals are the least officers among the “Admiralty ranks” and are sometimes referred to as flag officers. The individual earns ₦12,038,945 yearly.


He is one of the senior officers in Navy and it corresponds to the Colonel rank in the Nigerian Army. The Captain rank is above that of Commander and below that of the Commodore. Also, Officers in the rank of Captain are normally in charge of largest ships at sea. This individual earns ₦3,715,859 on a yearly basis.


A Commodore is the next in rank and earns ₦7,385,856 yearly


It’s a middle naval category and the individual earns ₦3,380,086 yearly.


It refers to commissioned officer rank. Besides, it is usually the most senior of junior officers. It corresponds to the rank of Captain in the Nigerian Army and the rank of Flight Lieutenant in the Nigerian Air Force.


It is a deputy to the previous rank and subordinate to it.


It is someone, who is being trained to become a commissioned officer. This is the junior most rank for commissioned officers in the Nigerian Navy. Likewise, it corresponds with the rank of Pilot Officer in the

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