Nigeria Immigration Service: Ranks and Salary structure

Just like the Nigeria Police Force, the Nigeria Immigration Service also has different ranks and salary structures. Popularly known as NIS, the Nigeria Immigration Service was set up by the Nigeria of government. Their main aim is to secure the Nigerian borders and manage migration processes. Unlike members of the police force, people are not really familiar with them because they are only present at the borders and in the immigration office. So, for those of us that are interested in knowing more about them, this post will answer all your questions.

Comptroller General Immigration Service (CGIS)

This is the highest ranking officer of the Nigeria Immigration Service. Thus, only one person can have this rank at a time. The post is always appointed by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. They are given a tenure of four years which is renewable depending on the level of performance in the first tenure.

Assistant Comptroller General (ACGI)       

This is the second highest rank in the Nigeria Immigration Service and it is normally given to a few officers who have served as an assistant to the Comptroller General. They head major arms of the NIS and report to the Comptroller General.

Assistant Comptroller (AC)

Assistant Controller is the third highest rank in the NIS just next to the Assistant Comptroller General. It is superior to the Superintendent of Immigration and is a senior officer rank in the service.

Superintendent of Immigration

The Superintendent of Immigration is a top Immigration rank which is just under that of Assistant Comptroller. It is the second lowest rank of the officer cadre of the Immigration that is just senior to the Assistant Superintendent of Immigration.

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Assistant Superintendent of Immigration (ASI)

This is the lowest officer rank of the service which university graduates get recruited into. All officers of the service start from this rank and work their way up.

Senior Inspector of Immigration (SII)

It is the highest non-commissioned rank of the Nigeria Immigration Service.  Also, it is the highest rank attainable by enlisted personnel of the service. All non-officers retire at this rank or before they get to it.

Assistant Inspector of Immigration (AII)

This is the second highest non-commissioned rank in the service and the third lowest of all the ranks. Personnel with this rank are under Assistant Inspectors.

Immigration Assistant (IA)

This is the second lowest rank of the Immigration Service. It is senior to the lowest rank but inferior to the other ranks. People of the lowest rank get promoted to this rank after meeting promotion conditions.

Passport Officers

This is the lowest rank in the Immigration Service. Non-commissioned staff get recruited into this rank and work their way up the ranks.

Nigeria Immigration Service Salary Structure

The Comptroller General is the highest paid officer in the Nigeria immigration service. This person earns up to N3million in a year while Passport officers start with a salary as little as 30,000 Naira per month. Including other monthly benefits, this could rise up to 40,000 a month. A graduate Nigeria Immigration officer will earn N150,000 in a month with other benefits and bonuses attached.

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