Nigeria Airforce: Ranks and Salary Structure

How to apply for the Nigerian Air force DSSC programme

Most armed forces in every country are divided into the Navy, the Army, and the Air force. Each of these different parts of the armed forces has their own specific objectives.  Consequently, they all work together to safeguard and protect the country. Nigeria Armed forces is divided into the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Air force. In recent posts, we talked about the ranks and salary structures of the Nigeria Immigration , Nigeria Police and the Nigeria Navy. In this post, we are going to be focusing on rank and salaries of the Nigerian Air force officers.

To begin with, the Nigerian Air force can be considered as the largest or one of the largest in West Africa in terms of active personnel. It was formally established in 1964 by the national assembly. For the part, the Nigerian Air force has been very effective when it comes to doing their job. In brief, it main objectives include protecting the skies of the country and supporting ground forces when necessary. Regularly, the Nigerian Air force has participated in several peace keeping missions and this has led to international recognition.

The Nigerian Air force is categorized into

Commissioned Officer

These are the officers that are responsible for making decisions, as well as train and lead soldiers.

  1. Marshal of the Nigerian Air force.
  2. Air Chief Marshal
  3. Air Marshal
  4. Air Vice Marshal
  5. Air Commodore
  6. Group Captain
  7. Wing Commander
  8. Squadron Leader
  9. Flight Lieutenant
  10. Flying Officer
  11. Pilot Officer

Non-Commissioned Officer

The non-commissioned officers are the junior officers who are responsible for carrying out duties given to them through a mandate by high-ranking officials.

  1. Air Warrant Officer
  2. Master Warrant Officer
  3. Warrant Officer
  4. Flight Sergeant
  5. Sergeant
  6. Corporal
  7. Lance-Corporal
  8. Aircraftman
  9. Recruit

Salary structure

  1. Airforce Marshal – ₦1,486,451
  2. Air Chief Marshal – ₦1,724,283
  3. Air Vice Marshal – ₦1,376,343
  4. Air Commodore – ₦677,895
  5. Group Captain – ₦352,631
  6. Wing Commander – ₦342,586
  7. Squadron Leader – ₦248,004
  8. Flight Lieutenant – ₦232,484
  9. Flying Officer – ₦218,400
  10. Pilot Officer – ₦187,159

The Air force officer is paid per month is based on his/her rank. The monthly salary of non-commissioned officers is as follows;

  1. Air Warrant Officer – ₦171,793
  2. Master Warrant Officer – ₦165,697
  3. Warrant Officer – ₦101,974
  4. Flight Sergeant – ₦87,119
  5. Sergeant – ₦69,261
  6. Corporal – ₦58,634
  7. Lance Corporal – ₦55,832
  8. Aircraftman – ₦53,892
  9. Trainee – ₦10,237

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