Most notorious criminals in the history of Nigeria

They say crime doesn’t pay. Well, some people will disagree with that. It is one thing to be a criminal and it is another thing to be known to be notorious. The men we are going to be talking about in this post are notorious criminals and are proud of it. As impossible as may it seem, some people actually fit into the combination of these words and they are proud of it. The men we are going to be talking about in this post are notorious criminals and have cause bloodshed and sorrow in the heart of the nation.

‘Doctor’ Ishola Oyenusi

Ishola Oyenusi was a cold-blooded armed robber who terrorized in Nigerians in the early 70s. Generally, Lagos was their main operating center and Lagosians were their victims. To begin with, his reign of terror began shortly after the end of the Nigerian civil war. His first major robbery was committed in Herbert Macaulay Road in Yaba, Lagos when he snatched a car from its owner. He also killed the owner in the process, just because his girlfriend was broke and needed money to buy her make-up.  ‘Doctor’ Ishola Oyenusi was finally caught when he and his gang attacked the WAHUM factory in Ikeja in March 1971. They stole a sum of £28,000, which was actually a huge amount of in those days, and killed a police officer. Finally, he was executed in front of 30,000 Nigerians, on Wednesday, September 8, 1971. His death came as a relief and a surprise to most Nigerians as they were watching at the famous Bar Beach.

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Lawrence Nomanyagbon Anini aka The Law

The era of Anini was in the ’80s which were after the reign of Oyenusi and just like that of the later, it was a period of blood and sorrow. Known as one of the most notorious armed robbers in the country, Anini operated in the old Bendel State, now Edo and Delta. Compared to Oyenusi, Anini`s reign was his blood that his matter got the State Security Council meeting. His gang members included Monday Osunbor, later known to be a dreaded killer without mercy, Friday Ofege, Henry Ekponwan, Phillip Iwebelue, Prince Kingsley Eweka, and others. Generally, Anini started off as a car snatcher, bus robber, and a bank thief. Later on, him and his gang upgraded into robbing of towns and cities in other states. By the way, Anini got most of his weapons from the police, where top officers were his suppliers and informants. One of his top collaborators was Inspector George Iyamu who benefited immensely from the gang. In fact,  Anini was so courageous and proud of his acts that he was writing letters to media houses. He will use political tones to describe his criminal act to the public. He was finally arrested and executed on March 29, 1987.

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Shina Rambo

I am sure this name will ring a bell if you are not familiar with the first two. Born in Abeokuta, Ogun state, Shina Rambo was a merciless armed robber in the 90s. His acts were dominant in the Western parts of the country and he was feared by many, including security forces. A lot of people thought he was invisible and some even said he add the ability to disappear when deemed necessary. Furthermore, there are two stories to the end of this notorious criminal. Some said he was killed by security operatives, while some people believed he later became a pastor.

Other worthy notorious criminals include Abiodun Egunjobi aka Godogodo, Okwudili Ndiwe aka Derico, Kayode Williams, Monday Osunbor, Monday Osunbor


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