Iyabo Ojo Biography: Age, Career, and Movies

Iyabo Ojo Biography: Age, Career, and Movies

In our last post, we talked about one of our male veterans in the Nigeria movie industry. To make it even, we are talking about a female veteran in this post -Alice Iyabo Ogunro. This name may sound familiar because a lot of people know her as Iyabo Ojo.


The Nigerian Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, was born on the 21 of December 1977 in Lagos state. She is currently 42 years old and she is well known in the movie industry due to her different roles in Yoruba movies. Iyabo Ojo attended the National College, Gbagbada, in Lagos. Then, she went on to study Estate Management at Lagos State Polytechnic. Iyabo Obo used to be in a drama group during her days back in secondary school before she began her acting career in 1998. Iyabo Ojo is the mother of two children. She gave birth to a son by the name Festus and then a daughter called Priscilla in 1999 and 2001 respectively. She is now divorced from their father.

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To begin with, her first role on the big screen was in the 1998`s English movie titled Satanic. Afterward, she featured in her first Yoruba movie titled Baba Darijinwon in 2002. Fast forwarded into 2004, she decided to start producing her own movies which led to the release of “Bolutife”. Later on, she released another movie in 2015 titled “Silence”. The movie was a blockbuster and it was even premiered at the Silverbird Cinema at Ikeja, Lagos. The movie featured stars like Joseph Benjamin Alex Usifo, Fathia Balogun, and Doris Simeon.

According to Iyabo Ojo, her success in the movie industry was partly as a result of the guidance of Bimbo Akintola. After watching a series of Bimbo Akintola movies, she decided to walk up to her ask her for help. Combined with her hard work and dedication, Iyabo Ojo is now a successful Nigerian film actress, director, and producer.

In addition to her movie career, Iyabo Ojo is also a businesswoman. She ventured into the business world by first opening a beauty salon. Later on, she opened a spa and then launched her Abula Spot restaurant. Consequently, she is gearing up to launch her own boutique.

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She has featured in more than 150 films, as well as producing over 14 of her own.

  • Satanic (1998)
  • Agogo Ide (1998)
  • Okanla (2013)
  • Silence (2015)
  • Beyond Disability (2015)
  • Black Val
  • Arinzo
  • Apo Owo
  • Awusa (2016)
  • Tore Ife (Love)
  • Trust (2016)
  • Ore (2016)
  • Ipadabo (2016)

These are the following films under her production:

  • Ololufe
  • Bofeboko
  • Esan
  • Okunkunbiribiri

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