How To Start Small Chops Business in Nigeria

How To Start Small Chops Business in Nigeria

The small chops market in Nigeria is a fast-growing one and there is hardly any party you go to where they wouldn’t serve small chops also known as finger foods. Aside from big events like weddings, funeral, christening and birthday parties, small chops are also the preferred choice when gathering friends for a get-together, boat cruise and time on the beach. Here, you will learn how to start small chops business in Nigeria.

Here is a list of Nigerian Small chops that event owners will be glad to have you prepare for them.

1. Samosa
2. Spring rolls
4. Mini Puff Puff
5. Mini Sausage Rolls
6. Asun (smoked peppered spicy goat meat)
7. Nigerian Coconut Candy
8. Nigerian Mini Donuts
9. Gizdodo/Dodo Gizzards (Plantains&Gizzards)
10. Mini Cakes
11. Meat stuffed yam (potato) balls
12. Banana Puff Puff
13. Nigerian Battered Plantain etc.

How To Start Small Chops Business in Nigeria

1. Have A Business Plan

This is important and it is required whether it is a big business or a small business, in terms of capital. Having a good business plan will prepare for anything that can go wrong and also let potential investors know if their investment in your business will be worthwhile.

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2. Secure A Workplace/ Workspace

To start a successful small chops business, you will need a workspace (kitchen), cooking utensils (pots, pans, knives, spoons, etc.), a cooker or stove and of course the ingredients that would be used to prepare your small chops. Some common items needed to prepare small-chops include; carrots, cabbage, minced meat, snail, gizzard, chicken, flour, yeast, beef, croaker fish, yam (for yam balls).

3. Get Extra Hands

Recruit a few employees to assist in the smooth operation of the business because, in the
first 6 months, it promises to be quite hectic.

4. Put The Word Out

Advertisement in local dailies, online platforms, Church bulletins, entertainment blogs, and magazines. And most importantly, use word of mouth.

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