How to start Pig Farming in Nigeria

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Surprisingly, pork is top of the list of the most eaten meat in the world. Poultry, beef and every other type of meat all come in behind pork meat. Hence, pig farming business is a very lucrative business and only a few people know about it.

Pig farming, also known as Piggery is the act of rearing pigs either for sale or for consumption. Only a few people go into piggery despite the huge amount of money that can be gotten from it. Some people say it is because of the messy nature of pigs while some believe the business is not lucrative.

Why you need to consider Piggery

  • Pig farming is not that common in Nigeria and Africa. Less than 5% of the world`s pork products come from Africa. As a result, there is a high demand and low supply.
  • Pigs grow and produce faster than any other animal. It takes between five to eight months for a piglet to mature fully.
  • A single pig can give birth to twenty piglets at a time and it reproduces two times a year. This makes it easy for farmers to move from scale farming to large-scale farming.
  • Pig feeds are cheap and available. For instance, the pig has a high feed conversion rate and as a result, produces more live gain weight. Examples of pig feeds include; peas, beans, sunflower pig meal, copra meal etc.
  • Pig immune system is strong thereby leading to a low mortality rate.
  • It is cheaper to raise than other farm animals
  • More meat can be gotten from a pig than every other animal. Pork meat is a source of protein and it is nutritious with low water content and high fat. Also, pork contains like vitamins like riboflavin and thiamine.

The climatic condition in Nigeria is highly favorable rearing pigs.

Setting up your pig farm

  1. Research: Like all other business, the first thing you need to do is carry out a market research. This is highly important and it can decide the future of your business.
  2. Location: You need to get a plot of land which will serve as a farm. The size of the land will decide the size of the farm. Also, it will be better if the farm is far away from residential areas due to the dirty nature of pigs. I am sure you don’t people to start complaining. The chosen area has to be close to the market to make selling and transportation of goods easier.
  3. Select the right breed: Select a breed of your choice and it is important you go for the right one. There are different species of pigs and they include:
    • Yorkshire pig or white pig
    • Berkshire Pig
    • Tamworth Pig
    • Mulefoot pig or black pig
    • Hereford pig or red and white pig
    • Large black pig
    • Poland China Pig
    • Chester white pig
    • Hampshire pig etc
  4. Housing: Select the pig housing, it can be indoor or outdoor
  5. Welfare: Your pigs need the right food to grow and mature properly. So, care has to be taken while selecting your feeds.

In conclusion, there is a need for frequent sanitation is required to keep the farm near and healthy.

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