How To Start Paint Business In Nigeria

How To Start Paint Business In Nigeria

Nigeria has a very large and quickly growing population, and new buildings are always being erected and old buildings renovated. Hence, Knowing how to start paint business in Nigeria will be key in penetrating the market and accruing wealth for oneself.

How To Start Paint Business In Nigeria

1. Planning And Funding

Planning entails carrying out adequate research i.e write a business. You will have to provide answers to relevant questions like how to get start-up capital, the scale of kick-off production, do you intend to start on a large medium or small scale? Who are my targeted consumers? How do I please them and get them attracted to my products? What will my company be called?

2. Registration

After deciding on the new of your business and how to find it, you will need to register with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria, the body in charge of registering companies in Nigeria and with the standard organization of Nigeria, the body in charge of regulating manufacturers in Nigeria. Hiring a lawyer would be advisable.

3. Equipment

there are different types of paints which range from emulsion paints, road paints, industrial paints, and others. Nigeria has all the raw materials needed for paint production. The paint making process is quite easy, especially for small scale production. 

4. Location

The next step is to find a suitable location for hire or purchase for the business. The size of your land will be dependent on your scale of production, the large scale will require bigger space for facilities and management than small scale. One should also consider proximity and accessibility when finding a business location.

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5. Marketing

Regardless of the scale of production, you need to develop a good marketing strategy that will bring customers to you and great customer service to keep them with you. You can sell to the paint wholesalers and retailers around you.

Remember, making the paint is the easy part, the part that requires work is selling it. Be at ease though, most of the work is at the beginning because once you’ve established a market and have good quality, the customers will keep coming back. You can start small and scale up as time passes, or you can start big. Either way, paint production is a great way to multiply your investments in Nigeria.

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