How To Start Orange Farming Business In Nigeria

How To Start Orange Farming Business In Nigeria

Oranges are one of the nutritious and succulent edible fruits seen in orchards or compounds in most parts of the world. Orange farming is a guaranteed money maker for serious farmers. The cultivation of these fruits is a long term investment because they are tree crops; they require a longer waiting time. This makes knowing how to start an orange farming business in Nigeria a needed knowledge.

How To Start Orange Farming Business In Nigeria

1. A Detailed Business Plan

One cannot be successful in any business venture without your business plan. You must have a business plan to help you in many areas of the orange farming business. The business plan will contain things like your business name, market research, and survey, analysis on your competitors, the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis of your orange plantation business in Nigeria.

2. Get a Site for Your Orange Farm

You can start small and then advance later; you can purchase a plot of land which can accommodate about 40 to 50 orange trees. After you have got a suitable land for your orange, the next thing to do is to clear the bush age get it ready for plantation.

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Check the soil nutrients. If there is lost nutrient in the soil where you intent growing your fruit, it is during the land preparation that you have to replenish it. In selecting a land, there are other factors you have to consider. Is the farm accessible by vehicles? If not so, it will be difficult for you to transport your goods to the market or buyers to come to your farm.

Another thing is the pH value of the soil. Oranges are tropical fruits that can grow well in most parts of the world, just make sure that the land (soil) has a normal pH value of 6.0 to 7.0 and that it is fertile enough, though you can increase its fertility by adding manure and fertilizers.

3. Register Your Business

You would also need to register your business name, obtain an orange farming business license and maybe incorporate your company. Amounts needed to do this varies by businesses but you can check out how to register your business with the CAC

4. Start Planting

After you have finished with the nursery stage, it is now time to transplant your orange trees to the permanent farm location. You must make sure that your permanent farm location is fenced in order to keep animals away from the young orange trees. To transplant, you have to dig about 0.5 meters deep into the soil and the young orange tree placed in the hole and covered properly.

Make sure you remove the polythene around the young orange tree. You have to make a little depression at the top after you have planted your orange tree. The depression is for holding water. When it comes to orange tree spacing, it must be perfectly done to allow for the blossoming of the orange tree.

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