How To Start Onions Business In Nigeria

How To Start Onions Business In Nigeria

Onion farming is basically the cultivation of onions for personal or commercial use. Onion farming in Nigeria is highly neglected and is considered to be a menial job meant only for the poor Northerners and yet this crop support millions of lives in Nigeria and the world over. In this post, you will learn how to start Onion business in Nigeria.

How To Start Onions Business In Nigeria

1. Have A Business Plan

It is a fact that no worthwhile venture succeeds without a good plan. Therefore, you should not just jump into onions farming because you heard it is profitable. Take your time and draw up a well-detailed business plan to guide you in the course of your business.

2. Get Adequate Land

Red loam to black soils and sandy loam to silty loam are preferred for onion cultivation, provided there’s a good drainage facility in place. A soil PH of 5.5 to 6.5 is preferred for better yields in a mild season. You can increase the production of onion bulbs by adding organic matter when preparing the land.

3. Planting

For maximum production, Onions are to be grown from seeds and then be transplanted. One can still grow it in whichever way he chooses but the methods of transplanting enable the farmer to properly space the crops. The best space is usually 1/2 an inch apart and 3/8 inch deep. The rows are best put at 15 inches apart.

4. Weed Control

To avoid your onion bulbs getting spoilt and to get a good yield from your onion farm, you need to implement a thorough weed-control system early-on. Hoeing and weeding 2 to 3 times should be enough for the crops, then earth up the poor plants after 2 to 3 irrigations.

5. Harvest

Getting the scope of the harvest is key when learning how to start onions business in Nigeria. The best time to harvest your onions is during the dry season. You can harvest your onions when about 50% of the neck has fallen off. The formation of a shining membrane around the bulb of the onion is also another harvesting indicator for you. You can also harvest your onions when the foliage of the onions begins to wither.

Festive periods in Nigeria boosters the prizes of onions and other fresh products like Tomato and Pepper which are also hot cakes in the Nigerian market.

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