How To Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria

Importation is simply a good or service brought into a country from another country and offer for sale. Starting a mini importation business makes it possible to be a successful entrepreneur . However, that depends on if you are doing it right, getting products from cheap sources and using a reliable logistics partner.

All the transactions on the mini importation sites are secure and legitimate, they are covered by a service called escrow, which tend to offer full buyers protections. Internet escrow works by placing money in the control of an independent and licensed third party in order to protect both buyer and seller in a transaction.

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If after receiving the goods, you do not like them or there are defects, you can ask escrow not to pay the seller until the goods are changed. Even before disbursing the money the seller of the product, you have to confirm the receipt of the product and confirm it is in good condition or not to facilitate the refund of the money paid for the goods within the stipulated time.

Credible sites like Aliexpress and Dhgate offer reimbursement services and return your money if you are not satisfied with the product. It is always time framed and reliable. If you want to start a mini importation business, follow the following steps.

1. Create a market for it

As an intended importer there must be an area of business that interests you. Yes, remember that you will have to sell most of the things you will be importing. Therefore, you must devise a means to sell them. Think of how to seamlessly create a market for your new products.

Also, you can think of how to develop people’s interests towards the things you will be importing. Do you wish to import mobile phones and computers? Do you have people you can easily sell them to? These are very important questions you have to ask yourself as well as answer before embarking on this venture. 

2. Get Reliable Suppliers

This might be the most important part you shouldn’t take lightly. Because of Nigeria’s lack of restriction placed on China inferior goods, some of the sellers or suppliers careless of shipping inferior products to Nigeria. But instead of being a victim of this there are ways you can outsmart them.

You can do that by doing what is called the power of feedback. Before you make a purchase from any supplier make sure you check the feedback score and rating for that supplier. You can allow scroll down below the products to read customer reviews on the product you about to ship.

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This simple method will help in filtering the bad from the good suppliers. The feedback rating is a powerful measure invented to protect customers from buying counterfeit products. You can always check if the supplier delivers as promised.

3. Register With A Procurement/Shipping Agent or Company

There whole lots of procurement/shipping agents out there online. You can always google to find out more. You may also search YouTube videos and read comments about them. 

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