How To Start Hotel Business In Nigeria

How To Start Hotel Business In Nigeria

There is a lot of words to describe running hospitality business: fun, exciting and profitable. But like cooking a meal, the success starts with the preparation and finishes with the service. If you are planning on starting your own hotel business, then you should know that though the hotel business is a profitable venture with a lot of opportunities for expansion, it involves a lot of technicalities and is not so easy to start.  Here is how to start a hotel business in Nigeria.

How To Start Hotel Business In Nigeria

1. Decide on the type of hotel facility you want to open

First, you have to decide on the type of hotel you want to open. Hotels are categorized according to a number of factors. Some of these factors include:

  • The size of the hotel
  • Where the hotel is located
  • Type of services offered and the number of rooms available.

 2. Pick Your Hotel Name

Good name they say is better than silver and gold, Choose a very attractive name for your hotel, some names attract while some are not – choose the one you think would make someone want to know “what goes on in there?” Words like: Exquisite, Delight, Deluxe, Luxury, Platinum, and Classic – are good in hotel names.

3. Register Your Hotel

Then, proceed to register your name with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria if the name you’ve chosen isn’t yet registered by someone else. N30,000 would be enough for that.

4. Create an innovative concept

The hospitality industry is very competitive with various hotels springing up yearly. It is not enough to just start a hotel. You should come up with a concept that would make your hotel outstanding and remarkable such that when guests visit, they can’t wait to relate the experience to their friends and jump at any opportunity to visit again.

 5. Choose A Nice Location

This doesn’t have to be exotic, just a befitting place in your location but let it be in a place that is easy to locate, property by the roadside is preferable. Negotiate and acquire it except you already have a property in a good area.

6. Employ The Best of Staffs

You will need capable hands to manage the security of your guest and the hotel in general. Different people will come into your hotels, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Prepare for them all. You will need Caterers too, Laundrymen, Barmen, Cleaners, Receptionists, Room service attendants, a Supervisor and a Manager. These specialists are needed while you administrate your business if you can.

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