How To Start Flour Business In Nigeria

How To Start Flour Business In Nigeria

Flour has recorded a very high importation level in this county. Despite the input of few companies like Nigeria flour mills and others, the demand has overgrown the supply, hence some Nigerian companies resort to importation. But Importation can be reduced if more people know to start flour business in Nigeria.

A flour mill business practice involves the processing of grains to flours. Flour is the major raw material for almost all snacks. There is a very demanding market for flour in the country and the high population of the nation is a major advantage for business owners in this field.

How To Make Flour

1. Harvest Matured Cassava

After harvesting, load it to the processing shed immediately. If the quantity of cassava harvested can not be carried in the same day for logistic reasons do not detach the cassava from the stem and leaf until the vehicle to carry it is ready. That is to say, fermentation will not occur if the cassava is still attached to the leaf and stem even if it has been uprooted. But care must be taken not to bruise the cassava when uprooting it.

2.  Peel The Cassava And Wash In Clean Water

It is important to peel the cassava and properly wash it in clean water before taking it to the grinding machine. Peeling and washing will not only remove dirt but help the flour to come out white and presentable.

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3.  Grind The Cassava With Grating Machine

After grinding, Press the grated cassava with screw jack or hydraulic jack. The pressing is very technical and very important. The moisture level of the cassava should be reduced to below 20%. The process from harvesting to pressing must be under 24 hours. If not the product has turned to elubo and may not be good for baking. After pressing to below 20% moisture level fermentation is completely halted. The next stage is drying.

4. Dry  To Moisture Level Below 14%

The drier the product the longer the storage life or the shelf life. The moisture level is the most important quality which will be examined at the point of sales. If properly processed as narrated above the color of the product is snow white.

Drying could be by sun-drying if the quantity is not much or if the period is the dry season when there is no possibility of sudden rainfall. The ideal method of drying is the industrial dryer. Some industrial dryers are capable of handling up to 10 tons per day. If the processing is during the rainy season the best alternative is the industrial dryer. They charge their fee per ton.

How To Start Flour Business In Nigeria

A. Register Your Business as a Company

You may not start out as a massive flour mill, but you have a dream of expanding the company to a flour mill one day, so you need to register your business as a company; preferably a limited liability company. This also gives you the privilege to patent any new flour product you invent to your company’s name.

B. Labor

Laborers will be needed to carry out all processes involved in the production of cassava flour. If you’re thinking about going into commercial production then you must have a huge budget.

C. Marketing

Produce can be supplied to shops, supermarkets, market women at good prices. Remember the essence of going into any business is profit. Make your price friendly and push your products to the market.

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