How To Start Clothing Business in Nigeria

How To Start Clothing Business in Nigeria

Selling clothes is a business that many new entrepreneurs choose to start with because of the great demand for clothes, not only in Nigeria but in other countries as well. Here is how to start clothing business in Nigeria.

How To Start Clothing Business in Nigeria

1. Learn The Skill

For you to be able to make great looking clothes you have to learn how to make those clothes yourself, that is why it is necessary to approach a well-experienced tailor/fashion designer to teach you the skills you need and help you build on your skill to be a great fashion designer.

2. Decide on your Niche

It is important to decide on which branch you want to venture into, is it casual wear, corporate wears, women only, men only, for kids or natives.

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Whatever niche you choose you to have to be conscious that it is a popular niche and surely has a lot of customers to patronize you, whatever way you have to be a designer of a particular segment of people, as you cannot offer all services.

3. Develop your Business Plan/Sales letter

A business plan is important for every business, no matter how small or big. This business plan should entail how you wish to carry out your business, how to advertise yourself, your daily production target and your intend recovering your start-up capital and other things which you need to include in your business.

4. Location

This is one of the major reasons why your boutique might become successful or might fail. Get a shop where your target customers are most likely to be around, stay away from areas already saturated with other well-established boutiques.

5. Advertisement 

You must advertise to be ahead,for example, one of the world’s most popular brands still spends millions on media adverts each year,you might want to ask why? Well the answer is simple, Adverts converts to more sales

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