How To Start Cinema Business In Nigeria

How To Become Cinema Business In Nigeria

A Cinema, you understand, is simply where movies are shown for public entertainment usually for a fee. It is a lucrative and accommodating business due to the passion for entertainment in this country. Smart businessmen most often add ice cream, popcorn, other snacks and drinks to this business. Hence, deriving additional income apart from films showing. Here is how to start cinema business in Nigeria.

How To Start Cinema Business In Nigeria

1. Conduct Personal Research:

As a starter, you are not expected to make any financial gains yet. since you are, as I presume, a novice in the line, you have to contact specialists in the field and related fields such as recording studios, events planners and decorators and everyone else that can help turn your dream cinema business into a reality. Tap from their wealth of experience and leverage on this to develop your Cinema business in Nigeria.

2. Register Your Business:

Your business has to be registered with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria as this is relevant and useful in sourcing for funds from any financial institution.

3. Select A Good Location:

This is the most important factor that would determine the success or failure of your business. In selecting your location, research must be carried out about the type of people living in such locality i.e market survey should be done on if the residents in such an environment have the need for a cinema house and also to guarantee profitability. A cinema house must be reasonably large enough to accommodate at least a hundred people at any given time. Also, the location must be visible and accessible with ample parking space.

4. Train Yourself For The Business

You need some education and training so as to function properly in your cinema business. Else, you will be running your business at a very big loss. You must be educated in areas such as Movie Ticket handling, cinematography, auditing and crowd control. A simple few months of training at a business school can help fix these where lacking.

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5. Purchase Your Cinema Equipment And Fittings:

In doing this, you have to focus on the basic equipment such as projectors, screens, lighting and sound systems. Also, your cinema should be fitted with the right furniture to maximize comfort and air conditioners to keep the place cool.

6. Engage With Producers And Distributor:

The producers and distributors are in some way the lifeblood of your business due to the fact that they supply you with the main commodity; the movie. It is an offense to show a movie in the cinema without the permission of the owner of the movie. Therefore, you have to establish a good business relationship with producers and distributors.

7. Invest in Good Advertisements:

The advertisement is the key to more income.  As such, endeavor to put your business up in quality print media. This includes newspapers, magazines, posters, flyers, etc. Also, make use of the broadcast media. These include avenues like television, radio, the internet, etc. try as much as possible to drive increased exposure to your Cinema business.

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