How To Start Cattle Farming in Nigeria

Cattle farming business involves the rearing of Cattle for commercial purpose. It is a very profitable business that anyone can get into and make money. While it is very profitable, it can be a little bit of capital intensive. A fully grown market size cattle can be sold for N200,000 and above. See the step-by-step guide on how to start cattle farming in Nigeria.

1. Cattle farming Business Plan

First, gather all the information you need and write a business plan for cattle farming. Inside the document, state the exact part of the market you want to fill, how you will produce and market your product, your major competitors, the unique advantage you have over others, your management teams experience and how you will get money to start, etc.

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2. Get a good location:

Find a location for rearing your cattle. This is you should like and be confident with the location. The location should not be far to the nearest market or it should not be far from the town. This is because of the easy transportation of your cows.

3. Get a good land for your cow business:

This is very important. It is advisable that you should acquire land that is big for space purpose (for wandering and farmstead). The land can be purchased or leased. When leasing or buy the land, you should have in mind that the land should have good green pasture because grasses are essential for cows.

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4. Prepare the necessary facilities:

You won’t only stop merely buying a land. The next step is for you to set up this land to a suitable standard and condition for your cows. You should construct a fence around the land to prevent thieves and burglaries. You should construct sheds for the cows so that they can rest under during hot weathers.

5. Get your animal stock

Visit cattle farms and get healthy stock for your farm. Your attention must be focused on getting healthy and fit cattle and make sure you visit a farm that is well known for assurance that you won’t get swindled. Also, take into considerations what breed of cattle you will need.

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