How to start a secondary school in Nigeria

How to start a secondary school in Nigeria

One of the best things a country could have is a good educational system. We all know the way public schools are in Nigeria, so instead of complaining why not set up your own private school. In fact, you will be solving a major problem in the country and at the same time creating a business for yourself.   In one of our recent posts, I enlightened you on how to start a primary school in Nigeria. In this post, we are going to be the same for secondary school which is a bit difficult compared to primary school. So, pay attention.

Create a business plan

Always run with a business plan because failure to plan is planning to fail. A good business plan is very important because it can serve as something you can fall back on. Hence, you can return to it when you seem lost in the process of building your business. In addition, your budget should be included in your business plan.

Acquire a piece of land or a building

The next thing to do is to select a location and acquire a piece of land or a building. Depending on your business plan and your budget, you can decide to get land or rent a building. It is always better to buy your own land instead of renting a building because you will have control over the architectural design of the building. Also, it is cheaper in the long run and you don’t need to start moving the school around in the future. Either way, make sure that the environment is well spaced and conducive enough for learning.

Get proper facilities and equipment

After the completion of the building, you need to equip your school with the required facilities and equipment. You need basic facilities like Chairs and desks, bookshelves, whiteboards and cupboards, computers, clean toilets and access to good water supply. Similarly, you need to consider using projectors in each classroom as this helps to improve the learning process. These facilities will help attracts more students. All these still depend on your budgets.

Design the school and uniform

Next, design the school uniform and logo. You can this by yourself but it is better to hire a professional. Get a professional tailor to help you make a choice for the right materials and other details. Express your ideas to the hired person and let he or she come out with the product.

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Employ Staffs

Your staffs include teachers, handlers, cleaners, security personnel etc. Ensure you employ qualified personnel, especially your teachers. Your teachers must be smart, intelligent, vibrant and always willing to learn more. Your staffs should be in place a few weeks before the resumption date so that they can get familiar with the environment. This is highly important because the image, the growth and the future of your school depend on it. Lastly, don’t hesitate to train your staffs if necessary.

Register your school

Like every other business, you need to register your secondary school business with the Cooperate Affairs Commission. The body is responsible for all business registration in Nigeria including schools. Also, you need to register your school with the Ministry of Education and get their necessary approvals. You will be granted permission after a series of inspection on your facility. You will be given the license to conduct West Africa School Certificate Examination, WASCE, Senior School Certificate Examination by the National Examination Council, NECO.

Publicize your school

This can be done through social media, billboards, pamphlets, and posters. Pamphlets and posters should contain all the required information name of your school, its location, its motto, available facilities, contact information etc.

Enroll your students

Finally, enroll your students and have your teachers and staff available before resumption.

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