How To Start A Recruiting Agency Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Recruiting Agency Business In Nigeria

An employment agency is assumed an established organization set aside to match employers and job seekers together while producing efficiency and competency amongst applicants to meet the high demand in their respective position possible. You would be surprised at how simple and lucrative it is to start a recruiting agency business in Nigeria. Go through the following steps.

How To Start A Recruiting Agency Business In Nigeria

1. Discover Your Passion

It’s important you, first of all, discover your love for the role of managing an agency built in that area. When you have passion, it is then possible to manage the business from startup to conglomerate stage. In an aspect where one does not have the love or passion requirement for a job, it is assumed you are only been driven to the job just for the monetary value involved.

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2. Get Your Business Plan

This is the stage when you ask a lot of questions regarding the business like;

  • Am I good at networking?
  • How much do I know about human behavior?
  • Do I create a good or great brand?
  • How much capital is needed to start this business?
  • Who are my competitors?

The more questions you’re able to ask regarding this business, the better you know about the business. A recruitment agency business plan is a must-have and if you don’t know how to write one, employ a professional. But make sure that you’re fully engaged in all the processes as the business starter.

3. Register a Business Name

Your business name is a true identity of who you are and what you are. It is important to register your business name with the Comparate Affair Commission (CAC) before proceeding with any kind of business. This way, you will have the right to approach any legally recognized business across the country. CAC has even made it possible to register your business now without having to hire a lawyer or going to their office.

4. Business Location

For your recruitment agency business to boom, you need a prime location that is very accessible by both public and private transport. Rent a good and spacious office and make sure it is well furnished with the latest accessories, equipment, and tools that aid recruitment processes.

You also need a few employees to cause definitely, you can’t do this business alone. Having employees also prove to potential clients that your business is serious.

5. Go Digital (Own a Website)

There’s no way you can run a recruitment agency business without a website because that is the only medium you might have when it comes to marketing your business and getting connected to job seekers. Your business website will also be a medium where you receive the applicant’s curriculum vitae and having them sort out appropriately. In most cases, it can also be used to conduct online interviews.

The world is revolving and people want to research and find out more about businesses online before they could partner with them. The knowledge of taking your business online is the beginning of increasing your sales and/or reach.

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