How to start a primary school in Nigeria

How to start a primary school in Nigeria

Education is one of the most important things you can ever give your kids or your loved ones and a school is the best place to get educated. As a result of the ineffectiveness of government-owned public schools, people are now setting up primary schools. Also, setting up a school is one of the most lucrative businesses in the country now. So, we have decided to put you through the steps required to start your own primary school for when you are interested in the nearest future.

Select your location

The first thing you need to do is select your location. Whatever location you choose must be accessible and safe. Also, the chosen location will have an effect on the amount of money that is going to be spent on actually getting a site. For example, lands and houses in lekki are much more expensive than lands and houses in oyingbo. So, select your location according to your budget. In addition, it is advisable to survey the area you choose. Find out if there are schools around, the standard of the schools in the area, average fees for nursery and primary schools in the area etc.

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Get a building

Once you’ve got a good location in mind, you need to get a building. Depending on how much, you can get land and build your school from scratch or just rent a whole building. Either way, make sure that the building is spacious enough for it to accommodate all the required things. Furthermore, make sure that the classrooms are big enough. In addition, there should be spaces in the compound for playground and assembly purposes.

Get the necessary equipment

You need basic facilities like Chairs and desks, bookshelves, whiteboards and cupboards, computers, clean toilets and access to good water supply interactive boards. In fact, these facilities will help attracts more students. In addition, other things like musical instruments for assembly and swings for the playground should also be provided. All these still depend on your budgets.

Employ workers

Your worker includes teachers, handlers, cleaners, security personnel etc. Ensure you employ qualified employees, especially your teachers. Your teachers must be smart, intelligent, vibrant and always willing to know more. This is highly important because the image, the growth and the future of your school depend on it.

Register your school

Like every other business, you need to register your primary school business with relevant authorities. After fulfilling all the requirements above, the next step is to register your school with the relevant authority. Generally, the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is responsible for business registration in Nigeria including schools. However, you will be given a guide to follow to register your school as a sole proprietorship.

Advertise your School

Next, create awareness and let people know that about your school. This can be done through social media, billboards, pamphlets, and posters. Pamphlets and posters should contain all the required information name of your school, its location, its motto, available facilities, contact information etc.

Enroll your students

Finally, enroll your students and have your teachers and staff available before resumption. Also, it is better to do this well in advance before the resumption date.

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