How To Start A Media Agency in Nigeria

A media company is business or mass communication outfit set up majorly for the purpose of disseminating information by film, radio and television broadcasting, print publishing and the internet.

This is easy to startup because one does not really need the whole money in the world to make the dreams come true but what one majorly needs are passion, dedication and persistence. So, are you harboring that dream to be the founder/CEO of a media agency? Follow these steps:

1. Decide On the Type of Media You Want To Operate

There are different kinds of media outfits. Some offer more than one service, while some others are focus on only one media channel. As beginners though, it is advisable that you focus on one media niche before branching out into others.

2. Plan Your Business

If you hope to have investors, then you might need to put your business plan in writing. Your cash flow, marketing and advert plans and so forth. Just make sure that you have a plan so as to succeed.

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3. Choose And Register A Name

After deciding on the above, you need to choose a unique name under which your business will operate and be recognized. Register your name with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria to make your outfit legitimate. After which you can proceed to register with the association of advertising agencies in Nigeria and other relevant trademarks.

4. Open An Office

You will need to operate from somewhere. The size and how you operate your office will depend on the kind of media outfit you run. Outdoor advertising, television and radio stations need medium office space and staff, same goes for newspaper and magazine publications. A blog however requires little space with very few staff for a start, some bloggers do not even own outdoor offices, and they operate solely online because media business is internet savvy.

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Running a media outfits by social media is equivalent to blogging, office space is not needed for a start. A website is a necessity for every media outfit, set up a user friendly website and make sure it features your portfolio, clients list and contact information.

5. Hire Labour

There is a need to hire people to handle your social media accounts, blog, build websites, and create designs and so on. Bigger offices like television and radio stations need mangers for production, marketing and operations, on air personalities, presenters, editors and adequate power supply.

While publications will need content writers, editors, graphic designers, printers etc. blog owners may need assistants, researchers and reporters who find out trends and report to them for blogging. There is no way you can run a media outfit on your own because you can’t be everywhere at the same time. The media is wide and apt attention is needed to stay afloat.

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