How to recover your 2go password in Nigeria

Before people started using WhatsApp, Instagram, or twitter, 2go was the go-to social media platform. 2go was the most popular and widely used social networking application in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole. Back then, it was difficult to find someone that is not using or even heard of 2go.T he app was most common to secondary school for one reason or the other. Originated and based in South Africa, 2go was created in 2007 by a couple of University students as a communication tool. One of the most addictive things about the app is its features. It offers a one on one chat, as well as group chat. For the most part, the app is equipped with GoCredits, 2go styles, different chat rooms and Gtalk to mention the few.

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A lot of people have abandoned the app for one reason or another. So, if yours is as result of losing your password and you have been searching for ways to retrieve it, then search no further. The best part is, it won`t take much of your time. There are two ways in which you can recover you can recover your 2go password. Am going to be explaining both but you can choose the one you find more convenient and appropriate.

Method one

Follow the following steps:

  • Log on to Then you will be asked to select a country
  • Select Kenya as your country and click ok
  • You will be shown a page. On this page, you will see” download” and ”Get Help”
  • Click on Get Help.
  • Then scroll down to Forgot Password and click on it
  • Finally, you will be asked to type in your phone number inside a box. This phone number should be the same one you used to register for your 2go account
  • Once this is done, your password will be sent to your phone number.

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Method 2

To recover your password, send an SMS with the words`2go password` to 32120 and wait for some few seconds. Next, you will receive an SMS telling you your password. Ensure that the SMS is sent using the phone number that was used to set up your 2go account. Also, you will be charged 30 naira by your service provider for using this service.

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