How to recognize a fake job interview invitation in Nigeria

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So let’s assume you are a graduate seeking a job. Then, you receive a job interview invitation and you decide to honor the invite. When you get to the venue, you meet a crowd of people fighting for the same spot you applied for. then your future employers start behaving funny.

To begin with, they tell you how you were going to be rich if you get employed. Also, they told how you were going to be opportune to travel all around. Then they ask you to pay 3500 naira for a so-called training manual. Lastly, like if that was not enough, then they to pay a sum of 40000 naira. you wouldn’t need a prophet to tell you that there is something fishy about the thing.

The number of fake job interviews in Nigeria is extremely high. These fake companies are feeding on the desperation of innocent job seeking Nigerians. The sad thing is that after everything, it will be a waste of time and resources. This post is to tell you things you need to look out for when you receive a job interview invite. Always look out for the following:

  • Most fake companies will not include the name of their company. You will only see the address, phone number, time and date of the interview. A genuine company will not hide its name. Also, most of these companies have no credible online presence. Hence, they have no website or blog that people can go to and check what the company is all about.
  • You will see a reference code that looks like HR= 0001. This should be the code that was given to a person who asked to recruit someone into the company.
  • Also, you see a telephone number which will be the number of the person that was asked to bring in someone.
  • Make sure you pay attention to the venue when you go for an interview. Check for the company`s name around the building and check for any recognizable officials.
  • Whenever you receive any message on a job interview, make sure you carry out research on the company. Also, if you get a job interview invitation without applying then you should know that something is up.
  • Lastly, you shouldn’t pay to get a job. At one point or the other, you will eventually be asked to pay a certain amount of money. They give the money various names to make it sound important to you. They may call it training fee, manual fee, registration fee etc. no matter what they call it, no genuine organization will ask for money from candidates.

Make proper research before you go to any job interview and always let people know where you are going.

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