How to make money in Nigeria as a stay-at-home Mom

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Not so long ago, President Buhari made a statement that got the entire country talking. The president said his wife only belonged to the kitchen, on national. A lot of people found this statement very insulting and rightly so because that is toxic masculinity and patriarchy. A lot of women are trapped in this situation sadly, and despite their qualifications and skills, they end up falling back at home and let the husband do everything.

However, being a housewife doesn’t mean one can’t still find a source of income. For this post, we will be focusing on some profitable business ideas for moms that stay at home.

Daycare or babysitting service

Establishing a daycare is an easy way to make money from home as a housewife. Not all women will be stay-at-home moms, most of them will go to work. Just let them know you are running a daycare center and charge them for your services. In addition, you can be using that opportunity to watch and stay close to your own kids.


Blogging is another business a stay at home mom can earn from and enjoy at the same time, especially those that are always online. For the most part, you don’t need by any expensive equipment. All you need is your laptop or phone, internet connection. It may take a while for you to start generating income, but you surely get there with patience and consistency.


Vlogging is just the short form of video blogging. So many people have become internet celebrities through Vlogging. It involves video blogging about a particular niche. Hence, you can post the videos on Facebook, Instagram or your own YouTube channel.


Dropshipping is another business you can start and run from the comfort of your home. You set up your online platform where you advertise products. These products are not actually your products but a third-party product. As a result, when someone orders for any of the products, you purchase the item from the third-party. Then, the third-party will ship the item directly to the customer. In contrast to standard online retail, you (the merchant) don’t see the products or handle its inventory. You only have it shipped directly to the customer.

Content writing                                    

As a content writer, you are specialized in providing relevant content for websites. You will be given or generate specific topics to write about. With your knowledge and research, you will create articles that will attract people’s attention to the website. Which will then, lead to a further increase in site traffic. However, you should not plagiarise people’s work. This is a great offense with serious consequences.

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