How To Impress On Your First Day At Work

How To Impress On Your First Day At Work

It is not enough to have a sparkling CV, a great interview and a job offer, being a good staff is a key requirement. And the way to be a good colleague is by starting on the right track. Hence, you need to know how to impress on your first day at work.

First days at work are always terrifying, particularly if you’re a worrier. The first day at your new job may be among the most memorable — and perhaps stressful — of your career. From figuring out what to wear to remembering where your new cube is, all while trying to learn the ropes and make a good first impression on your new boss and co-workers, your first day at a new job can be a lot. To this reason, this article was written for you to learn how to impress on your first day at work.

How To Impress On Your First Day At Work

1. Time your arrival on the first day

Arrive early, but not too early, to demonstrate responsibility and passion. Just as you planned to arrive at interviews about 15 minutes early, that’s a good interval for your first day, too. If you’re not familiar with traffic patterns getting to your new office, take a test run or get to the area early, then stop for coffee before going to the office. Being early allows you to collect your thoughts, take a last-minute stop to the bathroom and think about how you will exhibit your personal brand on day one.

2. Be ready to work … or not

Our best new job advice: be ready for anything! Some supervisors like to start out new hires by throwing them into the fire. If that ends up being the case, be ready to jump in and show your stuff. Ask questions, but don’t be afraid to do some problem solving on your own.

On the flip side, it could also happen that your new company hands you a bunch of orientation material and then leaves you alone. What will you do? Before you get there, think about what kinds of things you want to know about your new company.

3. Dress Professionally

You should never underestimate the importance of dressing appropriately on your first day at work. The way you dress can impact first impressions significantly. There are three main clothing options expected today: business professional, business casual, and casual. Business professional typically means that you’ll wear a business a suit and tie to work. This type of formal attire can still be found in more traditional industries, such as financial services or banking.

Business casual is typically a step down from professional attire. It often means that you would wear khaki pants and a dress shirt, or something similar. This dress is very common for many fields, including engineering, marketing, and accounting. In some cases, a business will allow their employees to dress casually. Casual dress typically refers to jeans and a casual shirt. Dress code varies in the workplace. The best way to decide what you should wear is to ask and to observe those around you.

4. Memorize Names

This is another great way of knowing how to impress on your first day at work. Every time you’re introduced to someone, do everything in your power to memorize their name! Try word association, repeating it over and over again in your head or (if you have a chance) subtly write it down on a piece of paper. Your new colleagues are bound to be impressed if you genuinely remember who they are.

5. Prepare an elevator pitch

Get ready to give a 30-second explainer of who you are and where you were before, as many new colleagues will likely ask about your previous place of employment. Be prepared to also describe what you’ll be doing in this new position, since there may be people who have a vague understanding of your role or simply want to strike up a conversation.

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