How to buy and sell on olx


Buying and selling on Olx is almost the same as buying and selling on jiji. For the most part, the prices of their product are always fair and affordable. In fact OLX is one of the best Online Stores in Nigeria.

Selling on OLX 

  1. Visit the olx official Website. Scroll down to the lowest part of the website once you get to the website. Then select a particular city or country of your choice there. You only have to click on the link that reads “OLX Close to you”
  2. Next, scroll to the top right corner and click on the register link close to the Sign In link to create an account. Also, you can just click the Sign In link and provide your login details if you already have an account.
  3. Upload multiple pictures of the product you are trying to sell. This is better than trying to describe the product to your potential customers. By the way, make sure you don’t use blurry pictures that were downloaded online because they may not be clear enough. However, you can use pictures larger than 1MB
  4. Select a category to which the Item fall into. Products on OLX are usually arranged in Categories ranging from Mobile Phones & Tablets, Fashion, Electronics to Vehicles, Real Estate etc.
  5. The next thing is to put up your Ad title and description. Make sure you use a short, descriptive and well-written Ad title. Also, It is recommended that a great title has to have at least 60 characters. A good Ad title will tell your customers everything they need to know about the product.
  6. Afterward, set a realistic price tag for what you are selling. Make sure the price is not too high and the at same time not too low. If it’s too high, people would ignore it and if it’s too low, people may think it’s a scam.
  7. Provide your Contact Information so that your prospective buyers reach you if they have any questions about your ad or if they would like to make a deal? Make sure you respond
  8. Ensure to cross-check what you’ve entered carefully. Once you have confirmed that everything was entered correctly, click The “Post Free Ads” button to publish your ad. Your ads will undergo moderation by the OLX staff before it gets published. Then finally, if it passes, your ads will be live in less than an hour. Furthermore, provide all necessary information once you get contacted by a buyer and get ready for making a deal. Check and confirm the buyer’s profile before arranging the meeting. Then, sell the offered item and receive money.

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Buying on OLX

  • To buy on OLX, visit, type the item you want to buy in the Search Box. Also, ensure to use as fewer words as possible in your search to get the best search result possible.
  • Next, you should select the location you prefer. Above all, it is better to look for sellers close to your location to make the transaction easier.
  • Check if you are comfortable with the price once you locate your desired product
  • Finally, contact the seller using the mobile number or email provided and schedule a meeting point.

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