How to buy and sell on jiji

Gone are those where you will have to walk for a very long distance to buy what you want. Online shopping has made it easier not only to sell but to also buy anything of your choice without stepping out of your comfort zone. Jiji is a very good example of an online shopping platform and it is also one of the oldest in Nigeria. Generally, you can sell and buy both new and used product on jiji. So, why not start shopping and save yourself the stress since all you need to do is post and view pictures of your products. All you have to do is follow the procedure below.

How to Sell Your Items on Jiji


Visit the jiji official Website and register by clicking the registration link at the top right corner of the site. Then, fill in the required personal information or you can just “sign in” if you already have an account. Registration can be done in two ways; you can register using any of the available social media platforms like Facebook or manually fill the form. Afterward, click On “Register” to complete the registration. Ensure all your details are correctly imputed, especially your phone number because you don’t want customers to have issues getting in touch with you.

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Confirm your email address

You’ll be required to confirm your e-mail address once you have registered. If you filled the form, go to your email box and click the confirmation link that was sent to you. In the case of registering with a social media link, you are not required to confirm your e-mail.

Getting your profile picture in place

The next thing to do once your email is confirmed is to upload your profile picture. Go to the left side of the dashboard and click on the profile picture icon. Also, enable to use a crystal clear picture.

Upload the image of the product you want to sell

Upload multiple pictures of the product you are trying to sell. This is better than trying to describe the product to your potential customers. Also, make sure you don’t use pictures that were downloaded online because they may not be clear enough. There is no need to get a digital camera since you can get a better picture using a phone camera.

Select Your Location

Select your location to let your potential customer know where you are and to decide whether it will be convenient doing business with you.

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Click On “Post Free Ad”

Ensure to cross-check what you’ve entered carefully. Once you have confirmed that everything was entered correctly, click The “Post Free Ads” button to publish your ad. Your ads will undergo moderation by the Jiji staff before it gets published. Then finally, If it passes, your ads will be live in less than an hour. Furthermore, give all necessary information once you get contacted by a buyer and get ready for making a deal. Check and confirm buyer’s profile before arranging the meeting. Then, sell the offered item and receive money.

Buying on Jiji

Buying on jiji is even easier, all you need to do is click on “Chat” to contact the seller and ask all necessary questions. For the most part, it is highly important you carry out a background check on the seller because you don’t want to be scammed.

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