Businesses you can start in Nigeria with N20,000

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The current rate of unemployment in Nigeria is discouraging. Youth have started questioning the credibility and usefulness of a degree certificate. Likewise, if you manage to secure a job, your salary may not be enough and you may be laid off at any time. As a result, people have started diverting their attention to small-scale businesses.

There are hundreds of small-scale businesses you can start without needing up to a million naira. If you study all the rich and successful business people, you would discover that they all started small. With all that has been said, Do you know that you can start a business with just 20,000 naira? The amount sounds and seems small, but it can help kick-start your business. Here is a list of businesses you can start with just 20000 naira.

Fish farming

Small-scale fish farming is easy to start and it does not require a huge amount of money. You can start it right from your backyard. All you need to do is install a basin, buy a few fish fingerlings and fish feed. This business is highly lucrative, you can make up to 40000 in your first production. Just imagine starting a business with less than 20000 and getting over 200% profit from it. That is a good start.

Dry cleaning

This is another business that few people know about. And if even if a lot of people knew about it, more dry cleaning shops are still needed. You can start from your home, just get a second-hand washing machine (15000), a generator and few hands that will help with the ironing.

Home cooking and delivery

If you are a good cook, you will earn a lot of money by making different types of food for people to buy. You don’t need to rent a shop, you can also start cooking from your home. You just have to get your basic kitchen utensils. If you don’t want to cook from your room, you can set up a mini restaurant. In addition, you can deliver to companies during their lunch breaks, saving them stress and time.

Livestock poultry business

Contrary to popular thinking, starting poultry farming does not require a huge capital. It may require a bit of skill but it is highly lucrative. You can start your own quail farm in your backyard with a big cage. You can start selling them at a huge amount just after four months.

Snail farming

Just like fish farming, snail farming does not require a lot of space and money. It is highly profitable but requires a lot and planning. Lastly, snails multiply really fast and are very easy to take off.

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