Best Professional Courses to take as a Nigerian “Corps Member”

Professional courses help improve you and your Curriculum Vitae by applying for some professional courses. Some of these courses are cheap and doesn`t time before you complete them. Now just because they are cheap doesn`t mean you should just pick anyone. In other words, try to pick a course that corresponds to your course in the university or future career ambition. So, without wasting much time, these are the best professional courses for Corps member.

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  • NIM

The Nigerian Institute of Management Establishment Act 2003 was enacted as an Act of National Assembly on the 19th of June 2003. It is a non-profit organization with the intention of providing the required skills for standard and professional managers. It offers different courses which later leads to diplomas in management.

  • Health, Safety and Environmental Management (HSE)

Am sure a lot of us will be familiar with the Health, Safety and Environmental Management. The program involves training in handling and managing all aspects of human health and the environment. The certification is highly significant and it will boost your chances of securing a job after your NYSC. According to research, the holder of HSE certificates has 95% of either securing a job or a promotion. After the completion of the course, you will have adequate knowledge and skills related to occupational hazard and safety. There are three stages to this course.

  • HSE level 1 (Award in Health and Safety at work)
  • HSE level 2 (Risk Assessment Practical Application)
  • HSE level 3 (Award in Environmental Awareness)

The best part of the course is that you only need four days to complete a course.

  • Project Management Course

You can decide to go for any project management if you are not a fan of our first two courses. Project Management involves the act of planning, executing, controlling, and managing the objectives of a team in other to meet its goals.  Project management doesn`t just boost your chances of securing a job, it also improves your self-confidence.

  • Information Technology

This should not come as a surprise since we all know the importance of technology in the present and in the future. Information technology is basically a computer being used to store and manipulate data. As IT personnel you will probably work in the information technology department of a company. Also, you can decide to start your own business by fixing personal computers and manage network servers for the company.

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APCON is the acronym for The Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria. It was established by the Advertising Practitioner Act No. 55 of 1988 before it was later amended by Act No 116. This course is available to HND or first degree in Mass Communication, and the participant must be above 21 years.

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