Best Online Stores in Nigeria

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As I always say, the world is now online. Almost anything and everything is on the internet, and it is just a click away. Every time I think about it, I pinch myself for not strategically placing myself in that field before it went BOOM.

Online trading is the ultimate connect for me. Technology even made it better, you can save a whole chunk of time just by using your phone, mind-blowing. While we applaud the technology, we often take for granted the biggest hand; Online stores.

Online stores have made our lives easier. We can buy, sell, and do any other transaction we want online, the thought of that is just amazing. This post is dedicated to the underrated helpers of our generation; you know who.

I went online to check the best online stores and after the reviews and personal experiences, I made my list. Presenting, the best online stores in Nigeria, my best in no particular order.

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 1. OLX


I had to start with OLX because of their tagline and awesome catchphrase; Sell It. This became a viral statement in schools, homes, everywhere because of its use to describe a useless thing. But visiting and using the platform will make you see that they are more the tagline. With thousands to buy and sell, and a very user-friendly website and simplicity, it has become a top destination for online transactions.

2. Konga


What do you call a receptionist at Konga?, a Talking Drum. Admit it, you chuckled.

I  like this site because of its color scheme, it just cools me down and lets me decide on what I wish to buy. It is ranked the 8th most visited in Nigeria, it is safe to say it is among the biggest online stores in Nigeria, if not the biggest.

3. DealDey


DealDey was launched in March of 2011 and seven odd years later, it has become a household name. The platform supports local businesses and that in turn helps customers with good savings. According to the administrators, their goal is to make available to local merchants, new customers. And for the customers to save money while being offered premium satisfaction for the little they are spending.

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4. is a big favorite for me because it is effortlessly easy to use. Also, because my friend was used to model the platform during its launch. As a seller, you register with and you can post an advert of your product and or service. And instantly you get connected to interested buyers, just like that. And as a buyer, you can browse different categories, contact the buyer and complete the transaction. simple.

5. Jumia

Jumia Logo

What is a list of Nigeria’s best online stores without mentioning Jumia? Many would go as far as calling them the biggest online store in Nigeria, and they would not be wrong. Since its launch in 2012, it has secured over 8 billion Naira. According to their administration, if every order placed on their site in 2014 alone is stacked on one another, it would be 220 times the height of the Burj Khalifa, it is that big.

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Some other honorable mentions:

  • Kaymu
  • OjaShop

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