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I remember one afternoon in my university days. I was in my room watching “The Secret Circle” when I heard a large bang on the door. “Who is it?” I asked, but the question fell to the floor as another banging round began. My heart started to pound, could it be Spanky, the cultist I offended days back? Could it be my course rep here to fight me for publicly disagreeing with him?. These questions kept running through my head as the bangs became louder and faster. I finally chinned up and open the door, and to my greatest surprise… it was my roommate.

I was relieved and annoyed, so I asked him why he didn’t say anything. He said he was at the “best” bank in school trying to link his BVN but he couldn’t. He said he was delayed for 5 hours, I laughed at and judged him. But that got me thinking, if the self acclaimed Best bank in school and arguably the country were this irresponsible, how will the other banks be. So I began my inquest into knowing the best banks in the country. Here we go.

1. First Bank

I respect First Bank because I remember they being the First Bank (excuse the pun) to start issuing instant ATM Cards. It was dope to me. It was Established in 1894, having previously used the name Bank of West Africa. First Bank happens to be the second biggest Nigerian bank with its total assets estimated to be worth ₦21.3 billion.

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First Bank

2. Access Bank

One thing I really like about Access is their care for their physical look and how they constantly remodel and redesign their building. If only they invested that same care into, I don’t know, Banking. They are still awesome tho and very customer (especially students) friendly. The bank boasts over 300 branches (locally) and 9000 workforce, and international branches in Zambia, Congo, Sierra Leone and the United Kingdom. In assets, Access Bank Plc has an estimated ₦12.6 billion.

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Access Bank

3. United Bank for Africa (UBA)

After blocking my friend’s account and all her money during a wild goose fraud chase, I started doubting the efficacy of UBA. But it turned out they were indeed good as the hacker who tried to use my friend’s account for fraud was caught and arrested thanks to UBA. This bank assumes the acronym UBA and happens to be one of Nigeria’s longest-serving banks. It has over 7 million customers and is worth ₦12.3 billion.

bank banking banks finance economy money


4. Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

They are currently the most “in your face” Bank in the country. What I love most about them is their graphics, big shout out to the designer wherever she or he is. Constantly saying Guaranteed Trust Bank is stressful, so everyone calls it either GTB or GTBANK. A relatively young bank at 28, it has become a household name and one of the front-runners in the banking industry. It is valued at a whopping ₦11.77trillion, yes trillion. It also operates in all 36 states of the country and internationally as well.

Bank Banking Banks Nigeria economy finance

You are subconsciously expecting to see a fifth bank to balance things out, but there isn’t, not for me.


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