Animals that can only be found in Nigeria

Animals that can only be found in Nigeria

Africa is well known for a lot of reason but it is highly unique for its exceptional species of animals and wildlife. Similarly, the same thing can also be said about Nigeria. This may sound unbelievable to some people but there are some animals which can only be found in Nigeria. Generally, Nigeria has approximately 290 species of mammals and 940 bird species. However, we are going to be listing only the animals that can only be seen nowhere else except Nigeria. In addition, besides each animal is a reference you can go through in case you want to know more about them.

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Mammals found nowhere else include

  • Sclater’s Monkey the Niger Delta Red Colobus
  •  Fox’s Shaggy Rat
  •  The Gotel Mountain Soft-furred Mouse
  • The Savanna Swamp Shrew
  • Corbet’s Forest Shrew
  • The Lagos Serotine, and The Nigerian Klipspringer
  • The Ibadan Malimbe


Amphibians unique to Nigeria include

  •  Perret’s Toad Sclerophrys perreti
  • The Danko Puddle Frog Phrynobatrachus danko
  • Schiotz’s Puddle Frog Phrynobatrachus schioetzi
  • Puddle frog Phrynobatrachus rainerguentheri


Invertebrates include

  • The Hercules Baboon Spider Hysterocrates hercules
  • Goblin spider Antoonops iita
  • Pholcid spider Smeringopona ibadan
  • The land snails Pseudopeas opoboensis and Limicolaria abinsiensis
  • She freshwater crabs Sudanonautes kagoroensis, and Potamonautes reidi
  • Freshwater shrimp Desmocaris bislineata
  •  Sea pen Grasshoffia virgularioides

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Reptiles include

  • Dunger’s File Snake Gonionotophis  egbensis
  • Wormsnake Tricheilostoma  greenwelli
  • The Giant Forest Gecko Cnemaspis gigas
  • The Ondo Forest Gecko Cnemaspis petrodroma
  • The West African Worm Lizard Baikia africana


Fishes restricted to Nigeria are

  • Fundulopanchax scheeli
  • Fundulopanchax arnoldi
  • Poropanchax hannerzi
  • Epiplatys longiventralis
  •  Epiplatys biafranus
  • African characin Neolebias powelli
  • The cichlids Pelvicachromis sacrimontis
  • Pelvicachromis silviae
  • The Fog Bushfish Ctenopoma nebulosum
  • Barbus clauseni
  •  Garra trewavasae
  •  Synodontis robbianus , Synodontis guttatus
  • Parauchenoglanis buettikoferi
  • Notoglanidium akiri

Butterflies known solely from Nigeria include

  • Euphaedra wojtusiaki
  • Euphaedra eshu
  • Neurellipes rhoko
  •  Acraea actinotina
  • Charaxes chevroti
  • Pseudathyma legeri
  • Euptera knoopi and Stempfferia boormani


  • Ants Cardiocondyla yoruba
  • Cataulacus boltoni
  • Bush crickets Anepitacta egestoides
  • Pseudorhynchus crosskeyi
  • Longhorned beetle
  • Anthrococentrus nigerianus
  • Tiger moth Stenarctia griseipennis
  • Leafhopper Dwightla medleri
  • Plant bug Termatophylum rhea



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