About Us

Hi, and welcome to Nigerian Index.

Nigerian Index was founded by Vincent Abolarin, a seasoned Nigerian blogger who loves getting and sharing knowledge about a wide range of topics.

About Nigerian Index

Nigerian Index was conceived as a platform to keep Nigerians informed about the history, trends, and current happenings in Nigeria. The website also serves to let readers know how to carry out certain tasks in the country, as well as how to behave and relate when they travel to various parts of the country.

Nigerian Index contains news, how-tos, lists, as well as many other forms of information to keep readers enlightened.

About Vincent

Vincent Abolarin (Founder, Nigerian Index)

Vincent is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer by profession. He fell in love with blogging, and decided to carry on with it as well.

When he is not blogging, he spends time reading books for leisure and information, or playing computer games.