Top 10 Smart Home Gadgets in Nigeria and where to get them

The best way to enjoy your home is to make it smart. A smart home will make you relax and save your time. Just imagine yourself controlling every aspect of your home with just smartphone. f you are planning on making your home smart, here is a list of smart home gadgets and where to find them.

Smart speaker

A smart speaker is known to work on voice command and manage multiple tasks apart from playing music.  It can update you regarding an ongoing event that is happening in the world. As well as synchronizing with Wikipedia and other websites. All you need to do is tell the speaker whatever you want and it will give you a reply immediately. In the simplest sense, a speaker is called smart when it has

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Internet connectivity

An example of a smart speaker is the Amazon echo and you can check it out via this link Get it on Jumia

Smart thermostat

With the smart thermostat installed in your home, you don’t have to suffer from extreme temperatures. All you need to do is connect the smart thermostat to a wifi connection. Then, you establish temperature adjustment in remote locations. Also, a smart thermostat is capable of controlling the inner atmosphere in the best way. In addition, you can schedule the temperature for different purposes. Check out one of the best smart thermostats via this link Get it on Jumia

Smart doorbell

The smart doorbell comes with a hidden camera that reflects the image of the person standing at the other side of your door. In addition, they have a dual audio system that enables you to talk to the visitor through a screen. You can check it out via the link below

Get it here on Jumia

Smart security camera

You can monitor your children, pets and your home in general and still have evidence for everything that is going on in your absence. Also, it can be connected with the internet and deliver footage of everything with wider viewing angles. Go through the link to see the different types.

Smart Shower

A smart shower head has a variety of features that will make you not want the bathroom. A smart shower head can have a wireless speaker, RGB lights etc. You can then view different types through the link Get it here on Jumia

Smart Hub

Just imagine turning your air conditioner on and off with your smartphone. Does it sound amazing? A smart hub is basically a unifier that connects every switch in your home through a sensor. Using the smart hub will make your home smart with you being its commander. Want to know more about a smart hub? Then click on the link Get it on Jumia

Smart Lock

A smart will help keep your home from burglars or an unwanted guest. It helps keeps an eye on who is entering and leaving your home through smartphones. By the way, you can be anywhere in the world and still to able to monitor your home. Click the link below for information on the current best smart lock-  Get it on Jumia

Smart Cooker

The Anova Precision Cooker is a machine that uses hot water to cook your food to a precise temperature. Using the smart cooker will help you get your food done perfectly. Also, it is easy to use and your food is well sealed in a watertight bag. Click the link for more info Cooker Get it on Jumia

Smart plug

A simple and cheap way to make any device smart is by using a smart plug. It lets you control various appliances in your home without you being in the there. You can be anywhere around the world and still be in control of your home. An example is the generic ac 230v smart home plug, click the link for more details. Get it here

Smart Smoke detector

It helps in detecting smoke and monoxide and its sensors are designed to pick up slow and fast burning fires. Get it here

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