7 Types Of Lecturers In Nigerian Universities

7 Types Of Lecturers In Nigerian Universities

In every university, you’ll find different kinds of lecturers. Among these lecturers, some will be funny, boring or very difficult to deal with, but just pray you to get the right one to help you pass your course. Here is a list of the 7 types of lecturers in Nigerian universities. Please take note, this is not a generalization, It doesn’t mean that all lecturers fall under one of the groups below.

7 Types Of Lecturers In Nigerian Universities

1. The Respected Ones

Every university has a lecturer who commands so much respect from students and lecturers alike. No one messes with this type of lecturers, not because they are elderly, but probably because of the status they have attained in academia. Whenever these lecturers are lecturing, the class is always well organized and quiet.

2. The Comedians

These set of lecturers are generally loved by students, they are well known for their good sense of humor, Their classes are never boring as they combine comedy with whatever topic they’re lecturing on.

3. The Lecturer Who Never Comes To Class

They are mostly busy or traveling, so they make up for their time using the time shift of other lecturers. They can also make the teaching assistant conduct the lectures for them. You’ll mostly see them only during exam periods.

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4. The Lecturer Who Never misses a lecture

They never miss a single lecture whether it’s raining or there is a storm. Even on holidays, they will still make sure the lecture comes on or reschedule it for another day.

5. The Parent-like lecturers

These lecturers apart from being diligent in shaping the future of their students, also make an effort to advise them on taking the right steps and making the right decision in life.

Their class is usually half lecture half advice. This type of lecturer see their students as their own children and  always remind them about the efforts their parents are making to send them to school and why they should not disappoint them.

6. The Modern Guys

These set of people consists of Young lecturers, who haven’t spent much time in the profession. they are cool with students and gadgets. They know what’s up. and most lazy students pray for them to invigilate examinations because when they are around, things happen.

7. The Randy Lecturer

These are lecturers who take advantage of vulnerable female students. They are the ones that invite students into their offices to request sexual favors in exchange for grades. Lecturers like this sometimes can also fail students who turn down their sexual advances.

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